What is the Difference Between Customer and Consumer


What is the difference between customer and consumer:

The consumer is that the one World Health Organization consumes the products, i.e. the user of the products. It’s normally misconstrued with the term client, that refers to an individual World Health Organization buys the products or trade goods and pays the worth for it.

In the business world, these words square measure used countless times in an exceedingly day and most of the time they’re used interchangeably. There square measure instances once client and shopper, each square measure same persons, which means that once an individual purchases merchandise for her personal use. However they’re not one and also the same factor, they carry completely different meanings, thus take a scan of the given article to grasp the distinction between them.


By client, we tend to mean an individual UN agency buys the products or services and pays the worth thence. The word client springs from the term ‘custom’ which implies ‘practice’, that the word client suggests that the individual or entity UN agency purchases product or services from a trafficker at regular intervals. It may also be called shopper or emptor. They’re divided into two categories:

Trade Customers:  The purchasers UN agency purchase product so as to feature price and sell them. These embrace makers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers etc.

Final Customer: they’re the purchasers UN agency purchase it either for his or her own use or at hand over it to the ultimate user.


We outline shopper, as an individual United Nations agency is that the user of the merchandise. The word shopper is created from the word ‘consume’ which implies ‘to use’. during this manner, the word shopper suggests that an individual United Nations agency purchases the merchandise or service for his own use or consumption.

As per the patron Protection Act, 1986, it doesn’t embrace the one who purchases the goods for the aim of adding price or merchandising for any industrial purpose. However, an individual will use those product or services to earn sustenance or self-employment. Any sort of user, apart from the client United Nations agency purchases product, consumes the products by taking permission of the client also will return beneath the class of shopper. It includes the one who avails the services for any thought. Moreover, the beneficiary of such services also will be considered the patron.

Key difference:

The one that buys the products or services from a marketer is thought because the client. The one that uses the products or services is thought as a shopper.

The client are often a personal or a business entity whereas a shopper are often a personal or a family or a gaggle of individuals.

Customer pays the value of the merchandise or service but he could recover it from the opposite party, just in case if he had purchased it on behalf of any individual. Conversely, shopper not essentially pays the value of the merchandise, like just in case the products square measure precocious or if they’re purchased by the fogeys of a toddler.

The client purchases the products for the aim of selling or to feature worth or for his personal use or on behalf of another person. In distinction to shopper, WHO purchases the products for the aim of consumption solely.