What is The Difference Between Cupcake and Muffin


What is  the difference between cupcake and muffin:

With a cup of piping hot low, or a glass of frothy cold milk, nobody will deny that a pastry may be a welcome treat. If you enter a shop, there square measure several pastries from that to settle on, a number of that look startlingly totally different, like Danishes to some that look remarkably similar like cupcakes and muffins. whereas they create look similar, cupcakes and muffins even have several variations.


Cupcake may be a tiny cake baked in an exceedingly special pan that may be devoured by one person in one sitting. aside from their size, they need all an equivalent attributes of a cake which may embrace ice and alternative decorations.


Muffin  may be a tiny loaf of bread baked in an exceedingly shallow, round pan. in contrast to ancient loaves of bread, muffins typically have a lot of butter and sugar in them.

History of cup cake and muffin:

Cupcake  were originally baked in tiny pottery cups known as ramekins before gem pans were wide accessible. Their name came from the actual fact that they were baked in associate actual cup. Later, cupcakes may consult with either tiny or regular sized cakes whose ingredients were measured in cups, teaspoons, etc., rather than weight measurements.

Muffins  were originally baked reception and were merely tiny bread-like additions to a meal. However, as low outlets began to pop out, muffins became a healthy and a lot of prestigious substitute for donuts or alternative pastries. Today, however, therefore  muffins square measure so laden with sugar, chocolate, or wacky that they’re even as unhealthy because the donuts they were originally commutation.

Appearance of cupcake and muffins:

                Cupcake  most of the time has ice on the highest and presumably sprinkles. Cupcakes area unit usually chocolate, vanilla, or a swirl. Some cupcakes area unit paper vogue, which suggests that the vanilla cake has little items of rainbow colored candy mixed in with the butter.

Muffins  could have a skinny glaze or ice drizzled over the highest, however won’t have a thick pile of icing. They sometimes have stir-ins like fruits, nuts, or chocolate. the highest of the gem is considerably larger than very cheap of the gem.