What is The Difference Between Crown and Cap


What is the difference between crown and cap:

What is crown:

A circle made of gold and jewels that a king or queen wears in  his head official occasion.  A crown is a circular ornament. A crown is a circular decoration of the head. It won by a king or queen at official ceremonis. Sound decorated with diamonds and other precious stones where exhibitted in a special case. The queen included her crown and sceptre. In many competitions a crown is a price or position which you get for beating all other competitors. A crown is the hat  that covers the top of your head.


  1. A crown is make someone of officially a king or queen of your country .
  2. It worn by monarchs as a symbol of their power.
  3. Crown is often by extension of a symbol.
  4. Crown is refers to anything circular that is worn on someone’s head.
  5. A crown is a fancy round ornament .
  6. The crown is to declare as a monarch or a champion.
  7. A crown represented the country ruler.
  8. Crown also awarded for the champions .
  9. Crown is precious ornament.
  10. 10 The crown is the position of power.

What is cap:

A cap is the thing covering on you wear on your head usually win your outside . A hat is a head covering . A cap that which his worn for various reasons including production against weather condition ,  ceremonial reasons. In the past hats were an indicator of social status . The cap products construction workers . A cap hprotecta the face and the shoulders from the sun. A cowboy hat products against the sun and rain. Some hat is  want for ceremonial purpose such as the motor board . Some hats or won by members of certain profession such as the toque worn by chefs. Some hats have religious functions such as the mitres.


  1. A cap is the headcovering with brim .
  2. It usually want out of doors to give production from the weather.
  3. Cap may serve production often signify the fashion.
  4. Cap symbolising the office or rank of the wearer.
  5. A cap originated in Florence, appearing in England in 1810.
  6. There are different types of hat.
  7. Fedora , baseball cap , Panama hat , boater.
  8. Basketball caps are famous in India which has a soft and light.
  9. Cap represents authority and power of a person.
  10. A cap signifies the social heirarchy.