What is The Difference between copying text and moving text


Difference between copying text and moving text:


Copying text is the text that is copied in the web and paste it to the search box then only we find the answer.Moving text is a text that is a type of typing method.the sentence which we want to saw is being type in the keyboard and the letters are moving because it is called moving text.

Copying text:

  1. A similar file that directly allows the new location.


  1. It makes the duplicate file of another location.


  1. It cannot allow the original content.


  1. Copying means copy the particular data.


  1. It remains the another location of the data.


  1. It removed the original location.


  1. It has a duplicate content of a file.


  1. If you the text you will lose the original location.


  1. The original files remains the location to the source.


  1. It uses ‘copy and paste’ option.

Moving text:

  1. The moving text transfers the file from one location to another location.


  1. It uses the ‘ cut and paste ‘ option.


  1. It has the destination of files moved the original location.


  1. it allows the original file of directory in new location.


  1. It transfer the orginal file to another of directory.


  1. The moving text stays in orginal location and copied in a new location.


  1. Moving means removing.


  1. It moves to permanent data.


  1. It move to computer using cut and paste features.


  1. It is the simple process of the computer.