What is The Difference Between Continuous and Discrete Variables



The former refers to the one that incorporates a sure variety of values, whereas the latter implies the one which will take any worth between a given vary.

Data are often understood because the quantitative data a few specific characteristic. The characteristic are often qualitative or quantitative, except for the aim of applied mathematics analysis, the qualitative characteristic is reworked into quantitative one, by providing numerical information of that characteristic. So, the quantitative characteristic is thought as a variable.

Discrete variables:

A separate variable may be a variety of applied math variable which will assume solely fastened variety of distinct values associated lacks an inherent order.

Also called a categorical variable, as a result of it’s separate, invisible classes. But no values will exist mediate 2 classes, i.e. it doesn’t attain all the values among the bounds of the variable. So, the quantity of permissible values that it will suppose is either finite or countable infinite. Therefore if you’re able to count the set of things, then the variable is claimed to be separate.

continuous variables:

Continuous variable, because the name counsel could be a variant that assumes all the attainable values in a very time. Simply put, it will take any worth at intervals the given vary. So, if a variable will take Associate in nursing infinite and uncountable set of values, then the variable is referred as a continual variable.

A continuous variable is one that’s outlined over Associate in nursing interval of values that means that it will suppose any worth’s in between the minimum and most value. It is understood because they perform for the interval and for every  perform, the vary for the variable might vary.

Key points of continuous and discrete variables:

The applied math variable that assumes a finite set of knowledge and a numerable range of values, then it’s known as as a separate variable. As against this, the quantitative variable that takes on associate degree infinite set of knowledge and a uncountable range of values is thought as a nonstop variable.

For non-overlapping or otherwise called reciprocally comprehensive classification, whereby the each the category limit area unit enclosed, is applicable for the separate variable. On the contrary, for overlapping or say reciprocally exclusive classification, whereby the higher class-limit is excluded, is applicable for a nonstop variable.

In separate variable, the vary of specified  range is complete, that isn’t within the case of a nonstop variable.

Discrete variables area unit the variables, whereby the values may be obtained by investigating. On the opposite hand, Continuous variables live} the random variables that measure one thing.

Discrete variable assumes freelance prices whereas continuous variable assumes any value in an exceedingly given vary or time.