What is The Difference between container tag and empty tag


Difference between container tag and empty tag


Container tag is a tag that consists of images, videos,files,etc……to open the Tag means we saw our all the folders and images.The text messages are including in the save of our phone.The container tag is the meaning of the contains this is the reason why container tags containing the all activities in the storage.

Empty tag is a tag that is filled when we put the images, videos,files,etc ….This tag is described the functions of memory card.This is the reason why we call this is empty tag.because memory is inserted in the mobile and we add the involvement of pictures then only it filled.


Container tag:

1.It is already consists of all our activities.

2.opening tag is involved in this container.

3.The text images are saved automatically in this container tag.

4.additionally which content we want to know is add to this folder.

5.This is very helpful to the human life and contains our information carefully.

6.The content which is inside the tag is fully maintained by the software.

Empty tag:

1.It is working with the help of human by inserting some information inside it.

2.The tag this is always free.

3.The activities are save in the memory card.

4.The contents are always inside it when we delete the programme.

5.This memory card is free while we not use the material.

6.The empty tag is mainly used the phone storage.