What is the difference between cake flour and all purpose flour

What is the difference between cake flour and all purpose flour

What is all purpose flour:

All-purpose flour, conjointly referred to as AP flour, could be mild-flavored white flour made of the reproductive structure of onerous and wheat varieties. Throughout the AP flour edge method, 2 wheat kernel parts, bran and germ, area unit separated from the reproductive structure. These parts contain oils which inspire spoilage their removal throughout the edge method makes AP flour additional shelf-stable than different whole-grain flours. You’ll use this sort of flour in numerous sweet and savory applications, as well as layer cakes, chocolate chip cookies, muffins, fast breads, and icky brownies, and creating buttery crusts for chicken pot pie, dredging fish for sautéing, and thickening wealthy sauces and gravies.

What is cake flour:

Cake flour is formed from types of soft wheat often soft red winter wheat and features low super molecule content (about six percent). Cake flour is ground extra-fine, which ends up in a very lighter, loosely-structured crumb and down like texture. Cake flour is good for food with a young texture due its low protein content that makes it easier to realize lighter, tender textures once baking delicate sponges, cupcakes, muffins, and pastries. For heartier food, skip the cake flour and use a additional substantial sort of flour with a better super molecule content. as an example, food that need a touch additional structure, like pie shell, pound cakes, or breadsticks are a unit a stronger match for pastry flour.

Some difference between all purpose flour and cake flour:


The particle size, or granularity, of milled flour determines the flour’s ability to absorb water. The finer the particle, the high its rate of absorption. Cake flour is ground extra fine, resulting in a particularly moist. Conversely, the texture of AP flour has depends the bleaching process, texture is very softer.


Cake flour comes from soft wheat. This flour type has low protein content and low gluten than AP flour. It is delicate treat. It is made up in blend of soft and hard wheatand work best for baked goods with denser textures.

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