What is The Difference Between Blog and Vlog


The main distinction between a journal and a vlog is that journal is texted web site bestowed or revealed on the net (world wide web) and handled by the writers or bloggers that write content thereon. On the contrary, a vlog is consists of informational videos during which the content is shared in video format. it’s the simplest supply of information for people who don’t like reading the matter content.


A blog simply means a web blog where the texted passage  is drafted and presented to the audience. The writer who writes the passage on these websites is called a blogger.


A Vlog is that the video presentation of the content, or in different words, topics area unit explained or given to the audience by victimisation video format and announce on the websites and social platforms.  This idea was started within the year 2000 and acquire widespread within the year 2004.

The term vlog springs from the word diary solely, which suggests video log. The video given is a long-lived or a brief one that covers a large vary of topics. Vlogging is kind of big-ticket as a result of varied instrumentation is required to create a video with smart image quality and audio.

Uses of blog and vlog:

Blog and Vlog area unit quite similar terms with totally different meanings. A web log is employed to gift the info within the matter type by victimization pictures, gifs, text, etc. On the contrary, a vlog is employed to gift info in video format. The video should be respectable with sensible sound quality and graphics and should be emended well before posting.

Blog and Vlog each area unit hosted on varied platforms on  net or worldwide web. Blogging platforms embody Blogger, SlideShare, WordPress, Wix, etc. On the opposite aspect, Vlogging platforms embody YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

Blog and Vlog area unit knowledge-sharing platforms that are used wide as selling tools by varied corporations worldwide. Blogs were ab initio started within the year 1990 and utilized by the folks or became well-liked worldwide within the year 2003. On the contrary, Vlog was started or initiated in 2000 and find well-liked in 2004.

Blog and Vlog will be operated by a private or by a gaggle of individuals and even by the organization for selling functions. the price of those 2 knowledge-sharing platforms varies from one another during a few aspects.

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