What is The Best Difference Between Atomic and Crystal Structure in 2022


What is the difference between atomic and crystal structure:

difference between atomic and crystal structure-Although atoms area unit the tiniest units that may be found altogether matter, these atoms have a posh structure once through an experiment analyzed.

so as to know the majority ideas in chemistry, it’s essential to obviously perceive the fundamental structure of associate degree atom. Crystals area unit solid compounds created out of variety of atoms or molecules. There are a unit specific arrangements in crystals.


These arrangements are a unit known as crystal structures. Examining the crystal structure is incredibly vital in decisive the properties of that compound. the most distinction between atomic structure and crystal structure is that atomic structure describes the arrangement of subatomic particles in an exceedingly atom whereas crystal structure describes the arrangement of atoms  in a crystalline compound.

Atomic structure:

Atomic structure is that the arrangement of subatomic particles in AN atom. Earlier, scientists believed that An atom is that the smallest unit which will be found on earth and every one matter consists of atoms, however later experiments proven that atoms is any divided into subatomic particles.

Therefore, the thought of atomic structure came into discussion. totally completely different scientists recommended different structures for An atom. however with the event of science and technology, the fashionable atomic theory, that clearly explains the structure of An atom, was developed.

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difference between atomic and crystal structure

According to fashionable atomic theory, An atom consists of 3 styles of subatomic particles named as electrons, protons, and neutrons. The protons and neutrons area unit within the middle of the atoms, forming a central core referred to as nucleus. The electrons area unit in continuous movement round the nucleus especially pathways. However, these leptons appear as if An  electron cloud that surrounds the nucleus of the atom.

Crystal structure:

Crystal structure is that the arrangement of atoms or molecules in an exceedingly crystal. Solid compounds will be divided into 3 teams as crystalline compounds, semi-crystalline compounds, and non-crystalline compounds. Crystalline compounds have a well-organized structure.

They need a three-dimensional organization. The crystal structure of a crystalline compound is termed a lattice. the littlest unit of this organized structure is termed a unit. This unit ought to represent the arrangement of the crystal.

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There are a unit 3 major structures projected for the unit. they’re straightforward three-dimensional structure, body-centered three-dimensional structure, and face-centered three-dimensional structure. once considering the crystal structure, there area unit seven structures that a crystal will have that area unit named in line with the symmetry. they’re monoclinic, triclinic, trigonal, hexagonal, orthorhombic, polygon and three-dimensional.

Crystal lattice : The orderly arrangement of molecules or group of molecules in any crystal is called crystal lattice, the molecules or group of molecules in a crystal lattice are called points. Therefore, a crystal lattice can be viewed in such a way that the points in it are present or arranged in a particular ordered pattern and with a high degree of symmetry. These points never represent the position of the molecule in the crystal.

A three dimensional array of points is found inside each crystal and each point inside the crystal is equally surrounded by other points adjacent to it, and this array of points is called a space lattice, it is called Brevais. Also called lattice.

Structure of the crystal lattice

When we look at the structure of a crystal lattice, we should pay attention to the pattern of the positions of the points and its symmetry, the site of any crystal lattice can be seen only with a microscope, cannot be seen by the naked eye. could. To see their structure, take a piece of a crystal and keep it under a microscope.
So we see the structure of the crystal lattice like this 

difference between atomic and crystal structure

The white and black colored dots seen in the picture are the crystal molecules , in this we can see that the dots are arranged in a certain pattern and when it is cut through the middle, the same two structures are obtained i.e. one Their structure is repeating after certain intervals, it is also symmetrical.

unit cell

The smallest part of any crystal, which is repeated to form that crystal, that is, the unit cell is the smallest part of a crystal, if it is repeated in all directions, then we get a crystal, it is called a unit cell.
Prime Cell: The common unit cell in which an atom or molecule is present at each corner is called a prime cell.
Crystal axis : The lines drawn parallel to the lines of intersection of the surfaces of the unit cell are called the crystal axis of that crystal.