What is The Difference Between Atom and Molecule



Atom refers to the littlest constituent unit of a substance. Molecules sit down with a gaggle of 2 or a lot of atoms that area unit command along thanks to chemical bonds.

Atom :

Atom refers to the tiniest particle of part or compound that’s not visible to eye. Moreover, it should or might not exist severally. Besides, it’s created from the nucleus (protons and neutrons) and electrons. Moreover, it’s a spherical form.

In addition, the nucleus of the atom is charged and is encircled by a charged negatron. Moreover, the nucleon and neutrons cluster along within the nucleus. Moreover, the protons and neutrons have virtually equaled plenty.


Molecule refers to the set of 2 or additional atoms that close by a bond. what is more, they indicate the littlest part of a compound. Additionally, they exist during a free state. Also, they comprise 2 or additional identical or non-identical atoms warranted with chemicals.

Also, the electrons of the molecule will act with one alternative and this attraction leads to a attractive force. Most noteworthy, within the attractive force the electrons are changed between parts and this method is understood as a chemical bond.

Key points of atom and molecules:

According to science atom is that the smallest unit of part that may or cannot exist freely. whereas on the opposite hand, a molecule may be a set of atoms that area unit command along with the assistance of a bond and is that the smallest unit of a compound.

Furthermore, Associate in Nursing atom will or cannot exist in an exceedingly free state. Whereas on the opposite hand, molecules exist in an exceedingly free state.

Moreover, Associate in Nursing atom contains a nucleus (made from neutrons and protons) and electrons. whereas on the contrary, a molecule is formed from 2 or a lot of totally different or identical atoms that area unit combined with chemicals.

Furthermore, the form of Associate in Nursing atom is spherical. Whereas, the form of a molecule may be angular, rectangular, triangular, or linear.

Most noteworthy, atoms area unit extremely reactive and participate within the chemical change while not chemical decomposition. On the opposite hand, a molecule is a smaller amount reactive and don’t participate in an exceedingly chemical change.

In addition, atoms retain nuclear bond, because it involves the electricity attraction between the negatron and nucleus. On the contrary, molecules have valence bonds that mean they share electrons with one alternative to stay secure.