What is The Difference Between Absolute Terms and Qualified Terms


What is the difference between Absolute terms and qualified terms:

What is Absolute terms:

The word absolute term is known as the correct and the only answer to that question.When the person is write a exam in board examination the staff will give the mark when the answer is Absolute compared to the given answer.It is defined as only, never,or none,make statement the only possible version of a situation.The distinction between Absolute and relative terms was introduced by the Peter Unger in his 1971 paper.This is known as the absolute terms.

What is qualified terms:

The word qualified terms is referred as the qualities and qualifications of a human being.when a person finish his higher secondary studies and college studies.Then the man wants to join a job in qualified company and working in a best qualifications and good salary.But the office managers also spectacular select the talent and qualified workers to the company.Because quality and quantity is very important to the human beings.This is the meaning of qualified terms.

Differences between Absolute terms and qualified terms:

Absolute terms:

1.It is occupied by the correct answer and absolute person.

2.The absolute terms are always great because it is maintained by the correct person.

3.The terms are preferentially changed the varities.

4.It is always differ from the natural selection because absolute terms are always better and correct answer.

5.When the human beings are entering into the world they totally depend upon the word of absolute terms.

qualified terms:

1.It is occupied in the quality of a person Thai selected in any places like schools , industry,jobs,etc….

2.qualification is always important of the human life .

3.The company is depend upon the workers. Because when the worker is working with his quality and best then only they are raising up in the world.

4.The quality is control by the active and sportive of human reactions.

5.qualifications are always helps us to improve our self.