What is Difference Between Feelings and Emotions



The feelings and emotions is that feeling is that the chemical free within the brain in response to some trigger whereas the sensation are a few things in response to the absorbed emotion.

When a personality’s being is subjected to physical and medicine changes, sure chemicals square measure discharged within the brain that compels humans to travel in a very state referred to as feeling.

When those chemicals square measure processed within the body, we tend to expertise a state of feeling. It may well be a physical sensation or Associate in Nursing expertise with reference to it feeling.


Feelings arise from the lobe of the brain.

Feelings will stick with an individual for an extended time and might even modification the temperament of an individual. in order that they impact the scientific discipline of an individual and might represent the inner state of an individual.


Emotions are created as results of the discharge of chemicals within the brain. There are some stages that the body undergoes once those chemicals are free and people emotions are experienced.

Our brain perpetually monitors United States of America to stay United States of America alive and well. It keeps track of all the experiences, each inner and outer to supply the required treatment there to.

Some main difference between feelings and emotion:

The Feeling may be a state of physical sensation or emotional response. Feeling may be a state because of the discharge of bound chemicals in response to stimuli.

A feeling is aware however feeling could also be aware or unconscious.

Feelings originate within the lobe of the brain whereas emotions originate within the limbic brain of the brain.

Feelings will last for a extended amount of your time whereas emotions will last for a number of seconds solely.

Feelings have to be compelled to be listened to whereas emotions have to be compelled to be disconnected to manage them.