what is a Difference Between Simile and Metaphor


Simile and metaphor are word or phrase which is not used in a basic form. It makes our writing with smoothly and very interesting. Without this one we can’t make complete poetry. The both simile and metaphor are figure of speech in English and commonly used in making of comparison. The connecting of words in figurative statement is called simile.

The object represent a word or phrase in figure of speech is called a metaphor. It is used for creating image for easy reading for the users. In the other case simile is create  a picture.


It is refer to the phrase with different items of category to make a comparison. It is used show similar difference between the two object. Simile is like a metaphor and it is likely a similar poetry word like or as and verb like  appears or seems. It give complete balance to read and writer with simile. For an example of :

Raja dance like madhan, at the party.


It is characterizes a person or object to refer to someone and something with that person or object. It is a idea that clarifies the person or object but not exactly true about the statement. A metaphor is associate with the two object and its compares or symbolize with no similar words. They indicate some difference with their regular definition. For an example:

Maha is a daddy’s girl.

Points to difference between simile and metaphor:

Simile is a direct comparison of the two object. Metaphor gives some false statement about the things.

Simile is connective of word. Metaphor is not a connective of word or phrase.

Simile is a literal language and metaphor is non-literal language. The vice versa of both speech is not true.

Metaphor is a thing that points out another thing.

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