Top 10 Difference Between Have an Effect on and Affect


Top 10 Difference Between Have an Effect on and Effect

Definition of affect:

The word ‘affect’ merely means that ‘influence’ or ‘impact’ that may build a distinction in somebody or one thing. It may be used each as a noun and verb, however principally used as a verb, as a result of it’s an action word that tends to cause a modification in one thing

*To have an impact on someone or thing:
* To pretend or impress somebody or develop feelings:
* His dance was thus sensible, that she was deeply affected.

In the medical and psychological discipline, it’s used as a noun to point out a person’s moods, feelings and emotions:

Difference Detween Have an Effect on and Affect

Definition of result

The term ‘effect’ could be a noun that refers to ‘a modification ensuing from of an occurrence or an  action’, that means that result of an occurrence or action, is that the modification that the previous causes to the latter.
To show the power to influence, in such some way to provide the required outcome:
* there’s no effect of the anodyne tablets on ME.
* Priya speech on dowry contains a positive effect on individuals.
It may be used to indicate the state of swing into practice:
* The new law can return into effect from Apr.
It denotes an impression on something:
* The religious lesson has AN inspirational effect.
To express sound, lighting and scenes of a moving picture or play:
* The show has special effects, that could be a should watch one.
To represent personal stuff of a person:
* The personal effects of the dead area unit given to trust.

Key variations Between have an effect and affect:

1. The term ‘affect’ could be a Latin origin, And it means that to possess an influence on somebody or modification occurring out of an action or event.
where as result represents the ‘result’ or ‘consequence’, have an effect on indicates ‘as a result of’ or ‘consequently’.
3. Once used as a verb, have an effect on means that just “to influence”, whereas on victimization the term result as a ‘verb’, it means that “to achieve something”.
4. The term ‘affect’ as a noun could be a technical jargon within the field of science, that denotes a person’s emotional condition.
5. Example: serious rains throughout winter season affected the crops.
Consuming alcohol will have an adverse effect on the body.