Difference of Mass and Weight


Difference of mass and weight:

The difference between mass and weight is mass is a measure of inertia and weight is a measure of force.


  • The mass refers to how much material an object consist. The number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an item can be said to be the measure of the mass. Thus, mass refers to both , the property of a physical body as well as the measure of the resistance of the object to acceleration when we apply a net force . the common units for mass are kilograms and grams.
  • It is the measure of the amount of matter present a body. Mass is the measure of inertia. It stays the same everywhere irrespective of location. Mass is a scalar quantity it has magnitude. The gravitational effect of the mass is zero.
  • The mass measured by the ordinary balance ex. Pan balance, beam balance, etc. M is denoted as mass . to calculate mass mass=volume* density.  The resistance offered by a body of matter to a change in its speed or position when force is applied. The greater the mass a body has, the smaller will be change that happens  when we apply force.

Difference of mass and weight


  • The weight of an object refers to the force which is acting on an object because of gravity. It defines it as a vector quanity, the gravitational force which acts on the object. While it is also as scalar quantity which is the magnitude of the gravitational force. The gravitational interaction between objects having mass and when the object interacts with the earth that the force will be the weight. Weight unit is newton and pound.
  • It refers to the measure of the amount of force that acts on mass because of the pull of gravity. Weight is the measure of force . weight will vary depending on the location.  The physical quantity of the weight is  vector quantity . its got the magnitude and directs toward the earth’s centre or other gravity. The SI  unit of the weight is newton.   We can measure weight using a spring balance. It  denoted as W. the formula for calculating weight is weight= mass* acceleration due to gravity.
  • The weight of an object directly relates to its mass. When the mass will increase there will be an increase in weight too. The force of gravity acting on a body owing to its mass is known as weight.

Difference of mass and weight