Difference Between Tortoises and Turtles

Difference Between Tortoises and Turtles


Tortoises and turtle are reptiles of testudlines in different classification families. The tortoises are  well on land and turtle are only live water. The tortoises and   turtles  bodies are covered by shielded by  shell. The upper  part  of the shell is called carapace. The lower part of the shell is called pastron.


It is a reptile from the family  of chelonian and it dwells on land.  Tortoise is mostly found in Asia and Africa, same species from America also. The shape of the tortoise is dome shape with shell.  The weight of the tortoise is much heavier than the turtle. They have bent legs and short feet. They are mostly herbivores . the life span of the tortoise is about 80-150 years.

Difference Between Tortoises and Turtles

Differences  in habitat:

Turtles live some or most of the time within the water. Whereas  tortoises  carry on land. Each turtles and tortoises lay eggs on the bottom. The mother can dig a burrow and lay 2 to 12 eggs there. The long run hatchlings can keep within the egg for ninety to a hundred and twenty days. Incubating  on  their  thanks  to  the  surface. Turtle mothers offer protection to the hatchlings for concerning eighty days, when that they survive on their own, however turtle hatchlings on their own from birth.


It is type of chelonian  family and it is dwell well in the water. Turtle is mostly from the Africa, America. It mostly flat, streamlined shells.  The weight of the turtle is much lighter than the tortoise.

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It has webbed feet and long claws. Turtle  are eats fruits, veggies, leafy, vegetation and meat . the birth of the turtle is stay in their nest on their own for 90-120 days. The life span of the turtle is about 20-40 years. The oldest is 86 years.

Difference Between Tortoises and Turtles

Reproduction of turtles and tortoises:

The eggs from a turtle square measure somewhat soft and leather-like , just like the eggs made by different reptiles. Turtle hatching  keep in their nest on their own for 90-120. Female tortoises by burrows during which they lay anyplace from two to twelve eggs. Hatchings take just about 90-120 days to incubate at intervals the ping-pong-ball sized eggs.

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