Difference between time complexity and space complexity


 There may be multiple solutions. Although, researchers’ goal is to search out an answer that takes less time to execute and consumes less memory. In applied science, solutions square measure translated to programs. Therefore, selecting the simplest answer depends on what number resources it must be dead. Resources on a laptop square measure the quantity of memory house to be used and therefore the execution time. Each ought to be lowest.

Time Associate in nursing house complexness square measure TWO vital indicators of an optimum algorithmic rule. In this tutorial, we’ll outline time and house complexness. We’ll discuss differing types of your time and house complexness, followed by Associate in Nursing example for every.

Finally, we’ll conclude this tutorial by lightness the core distinction between them.

Comparison between time complexity and space complexity:

Time complexity Space complexity
Calculate time needed. Calculates memory space needed.
Counts time for all statements. Counts memory space for all variables even inputs and outputs.
Depends mostly on input data size. Depends mostly on auxiliary variables size.
More important for solution optimization Less important with modern hardware’s.
Time complexity of merge sort is (nlogn). Space complexity of merge sort is (N)


 What’s Time Complexity?

Time complexness is that the procedure complexness describing the quantity of your time needed for the execution of Associate in nursing algorithmic rule. Time complexness measures the time taken by each statement of the algorithmic rule. Hence, it extremely depends on the dimensions of processed information. In addition, it helps to outline the effectiveness of Associate in nursing algorithmic rule and to gauge its performance.

Because time complexness is Associate in nursing straight line operate calculated from the dimensions of input file, it takes as notation the mathematical symbols of Landau Ω band Theta. Here, every image defines totally different time complexness. Notation represents Associate in Nursing edge for the time required, describing the worst-case state of affairs. The notation Omega offers a bound for the time required. It describes the best-case state of affairs. Theta notation frames the time required by Associate in Nursing edge and a bound. It narrates the average-case state of affairs.

There square measure differing types of your time complexness, betting on the time spent by every algorithmic rule until it reaches the top of its execution. Therefore, the kind of your time complexness depends on the directions or statements in an exceedingly program. Few examples are: constant time (n) = 1), linear time (n) = n), exponent time (n) = \log n), etc.

What is Space complexity?

When associate algorithmic rule is dead on a laptop, it essentially needs a selected quantity of memory area. Area complexness represents the quantity of memory one program uses so as to realize its execution. As a result of a program wants memory to store computer file and temporal values whereas being dead, area complexness is auxiliary and input area.

Just like time complexness, it conjointly helps value an answer. Its depicted mistreatment identical Landau’s notations as we have a tendency to given before within the case of your time complexness.

Similar to time complexness, there are a unit differing kinds of area complexness, betting on the memory consumed by every algorithmic rule. Associate example of associate algorithmic rule with a continuing area complexness is choice type since it operates on identical array with none alternative memory area.

Merge type is associate example of associate algorithmic rule with linear area complexness. It has to produce several arrays consisting of elements of the first array. Therefore, the larger the array is the additional memory area it wants.