Difference between Think Pad and idea pad


The main distinction between ThinkPad and Idea pad is that ThinkPad is essentially a business-based portable computer designed for business users whereas Idea Pad may be a consumer-based portable computer designed for everyday shoppers. The ThinkPad came into existence in 2005 whereas the Idea pad came into existence in 2008.

Comparison of think pad and idea pad in tabular form:

comparison Think pad Idea pad
Launched in Launched in 1992 Launched in 2008
Designed for The ThinkPad laptops were essentially designed for the business users. The Idea Pad laptops were designed for all customers to be used on associate degree everyday basis.
Use in space This may be employed in international space stations. This can’t be employed in International area stations.
Track points Present Absent
design It is a smaller amount enticing in style as compared to Idea pad. it’s additional enticing in style as compared to ThinkPad.
performance More powerful in performance Less powerful in performance as compared to ThinkPad.
display Better as compared to Idea pad Not pretty much as good as ThinkPad


What is think pad?

The Lenovo Think pad is considered the most effective portable computer for businessmen and it’s one among the bestselling models for all everybody searching for laptops for work. Not just for business users however the ThinkPad is additionally utilized by the education sector. It’s used everywhere the globe by faculties and universities.

Originally, ThinkPad was fashioned by IBM in 1992 and it absolutely was the most effective commercialism model even within the 90s. Tom Hardy, Richard Sapper, and Kazuhiko Yamazaki designed the primary ThinkPad during collaboration with one another. Tom Hardy was the IBM style head, Richard Sapper was associate degree Italian designer and Kazuhiko was the look head for Yamato style Center.

The producing right for ThinkPad was purchased by Lenovo in 2005. ThinkPad laptops area unit business primarily based laptops that area unit terribly sturdy and powerful for all businesses and professionals. They’re quite spectacular in performance and style.

The main focus of the ThinkPad is its performance. It’s a finest Ram with Intel processors and a superb battery life. Basically, it’s one among the most effective laptops once talking concerning high performance.

What is idea pad?

While the ThinkPad may be a business-based laptop computer series, The Idea pad focuses additional on the typical customers. Idea pad too may be a sensible series in its kind. There square measure several options and styles that create it preferred for customers. A number of them are- frameless screens, Ray M. Dolby speaker systems, bit controls, and so on. The Idea pad isn’t as powerful in performance because the ThinkPad. It’s a relatively less RAM. This can be still not a difficulty for the bulk of the folks except once victimization massive files.

One of the simplest ways that to differentiate between ThinkPad and Idea pad is by gazing them. The Idea pad is best in terms of style as compared to ThinkPad. It’s a horny trying, slim, and light-weight laptop computer that may be simply carried around. The show of the Idea pad isn’t pretty much as good because the ThinkPad. It’s a lower distinction magnitude relation and isn’t a lot of bright.

Similarities between Think Pad and idea pad:

The ThinkPad laptops square measure most popular for business uses like faculties, business organizations, and so on. On the opposite hand, Ideapad is additional consumer-based and may be employed by average shoppers on AN everyday basis.

Thinkpad was launched in 1992 whereas Ideapad was launched in 2008.

Track points square measure gift in Thinkpads and absent in Ideapad.

Thinkpads don’t seem to be as engaging as Idea pads in coming up with as Idea Pad square measure lighter and additional engaging.

Thinkpads square measure additional powerful in performance as compared to Ideapad.

The Lenovo Thinkpad show is healthier than the Ideapad. Ideapad incorporates a lower distinction quantitative relation and isn’t as bright because the Thinkpads.

The Thinkpad may be utilized in international area stations whereas Ideapad cannot be used.