What is The Difference Between Star and Mesh Topology


What is The Difference Between Star and Mesh Topology

Star and topology are the kinds of the topologies wherever topology comes underneath the peer-to-peer transmission and topology works as a primary-secondary transmission. However, these topologies principally take issue within the Physical and logical arrangement of the connected devices. The topology organizes the devices round the central controller referred to as the hub. On the opposite hand, the topology connects every device to a different device with a point-to-point link.

Comparison between star and mesh topology in tabular form:

Basic comparison Star topology Mesh topology
Organization The peripheral nodes square measure connected to the central node (ex. hub, switch or router). It contains a minimum of 2 nodes with 2 or additional methods between them.
cost Comparatively less Expensive because of intensive cabling.
Cabling requirements Uses twisted try cables that cowl distance up to a hundred meters. Twisted try, coaxial, fiber optic cable, any of the cable kind may be used looking on the kind of networks.
complexity Simple Quite complicated
Installation and reconfiguration Easier difficult
robustness Intermediate Highly sturdy
Routing mechanism All the knowledge is routed from the central network affiliation. Info is directly routed from one device to a different.
scalability good Poor


Definition of star topology:

The topology connects all of the top devices to a standard central node directly. A central controller that is connected to all or any the opposite devices through point-to-point links is named a star coupling. It doesn’t flow the traffic between the devices instead the star coupling acts because the intermediary, for using the exchange of the info. If a tool desires to speak or send knowledge to a different device, priory it’s to send knowledge to the central controller.

The topology allows the high-speed knowledge transfer particularly once the central controller is employed as a switch. Here the amount of links is adequate the amount of nodes. This topology is versatile and maintained expeditiously, as compared to different topologies. Lays the info to the meant destination.

Definition of Mesh Topology:

Mesh topology links the node in a way that each node is linked to the other node by a dedicated point-to-point link. Therefore, it creates n(n-1)/2 links to connect n number of nodes, which is a bit too much. The form of media used to link the nodes can be twisted pair, coaxial, or optical fibre cable. This type of topology does not require any additional information about the packet such as the source address or destination address because two nodes are connected directly.

The flexibility of the mesh topology is very low and has a poor scalability factor. It requires laying of the links to add a new node so that the new node could be connected to each existing node. This is the reason it is very expensive topology.

Differences Star and Mesh Topology:

The Star topology organises the nodes in a star shape where the central hub is connected to all the other nodes. On the other hand, in the mesh configuration, each node is connected to the other node.

Easy installation and reconfiguration is possible in the star topology. As against, the mesh topology requires more transmission media, effort and time for installation and reconfiguration.

Star topology is cost-effective to some extent, while the mesh is expensive.

The star topology has a drawback where the inoperative central hub can make the entire system inoperative. On the contrary, the mesh topology is more robust than the star topology.

Star topology only uses twisted pair cable as a transmission media. In contrast, mesh topology can employ any transmission media such as twisted pair cable, coaxial cable or optical fiber, but it requires more amount of cabling.

Flexibility and scalability of the star topology is good whereas mesh topology is less scalable as it directly increases the cost of the system.

Mesh topology is complicated as compared to the star topology.The routing in the star topology is done with the help of the star coupler. Conversely, mesh topology directly transmits the data from one node to another using a point-to-point link.

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