Difference between solo and convection microwave oven


Microwaves square measure a staple room accent that’s employed in virtually each house nowadays. They are available in numerous sorts and technologies and supply totally different properties in terms of speed, skillfulness, and advancement. The additional elastic in terms of style and options, the costlier the microwave are going to be, so the newest models square measure rather more dearly-won compared to the previous ones!

The top two varieties of microwave ovens that square measure in style within the market nowadays square measure solo ovens and convection ovens. And during this article, we are going to assist you perceive the distinction between solo and convection microwave ovens in order that you’re looking method become abundant easier!

Comparison between solo and convection microwave oven:

comparison Solo microwave Convection microwave
cost Less costly More expensive than solo kitchen appliance.
compatibility Metal utensils can’t be used. Metal utensils will be used.
technology With the assistance of a thermionic valve, the Solo Microwave vibrates water molecules, manufacturing heat and making ready the meal. Hot air is formed by fans and circulated round the outer layer of food in a very convection kitchen appliance, which has a heater on either side.
Heat control It isn’t enclosed. It is included.
use Cooking, reheating, and defrosting area unit simply a number of the items you’ll be able to do with it. It contains all of the options of a solo and grill kitchen appliance and may be used for baking, grilling, reheating, defrosting, roasting, and browning additionally to baking.
working Heating of the cavity. Cavity heating and hot air circulated by an admirer.
Ideal for Basic reheating. Advanced preparation or chefs.


What is solo microwave?

To put it merely, a solo microwave is that the most simple kitchen appliance out there. It performs easy, everyday tasks like defrosting, reheating and preparation, that square measure simple however essential.

Its execs embody the very fact that it’s one amongst the smallest amount high-priced models on the market and includes all necessary functions too. Microwave-proof glass and plastic utensils may be utilized in a solo kitchen appliance, creating it accessible. Its con is that the undeniable fact that it cannot perform an intensive vary of functions, like baking and cooking. Moreover, metal utensils can’t be used, and then users need to follow microwave-proof choices.

What is convection microwave?

A convection kitchen appliance may be a two in one household appliance that not solely provides to you the advantages of a room microwave however conjointly of a convection oven.

It permits you to heat up and de-ice food whereas at an equivalent time allows you to bake and roast dishes similarly. So, to add it up, a convection kitchen appliance may be a lot of advanced version of the solo microwave that comes with a variety of options that the primary one can’t supply.

Its cons embody its tiny size. Since its compact in nature, it’s unlikely that you simply are going to be able to cook quite one dish at a time. Moreover, convection microwaves area unit a bit troublesome to induce a suspend of, and then involve a big learning curve.

Some key difference of solo and convection microwave oven:


The vacuum tube is that the key part of the microwave once it involves the heating method. A cavity vacuum tube is that the style of vacuum tube utilized during a solo microwave. The cavity a part of the vacuum tube derives from the magnetron’s internal chambers or cavities. An enormous magnet runs below the vacuum tube, current electrons from Associate in nursing anode to a cathode. They miss these tiny cavities as they zoom around, forming waves.

Convection may be a methodology of warmth exchange supported the principle of natural air movement. Once cold air is heated, it rises, and also the higher layer of air cools, becomes heavier, and flows downward. The heating method during a convection microwave is generated through the circulation of hot air. Additionally to the conventional healing method, this kitchen appliance contains heating parts and a follower.


A solo microwave performs variety of functions- particularly basic day-after-day functions like reheating and defrosting food. The most effective half is that the preparation method may be regular per you and your recipe’s wants.

A convection microwave will perform all the essential day-after-day functions as well as warming, reheating, and defrosting. Nice for preparation things like pies and cakes, or traditional Indian snacks like Mooing deciliter, Kale Chips & Chichi. A convection microwave may perform an excessiveness of alternative functions like baking, roasting, and broil.