Difference between single malt and blended scotch whisky


To totally appreciate the Brobdingnagian world of integrated Scotch, it’s useful to grasp the excellence between single malt and whisky.

Consumers and even some bartenders have an idea that single-malt Scotch isn’t a whiskey; however this is often a story. Single-malt scotch may be a mix; however it is a terribly specific style of mix. In fact, nearly all whiskies on the market nowadays square measure blends—bourbons, ryes, Tennessee, scotches, etc.—although during this article I am going to target Scotch.

The confusion arises from the misunderstanding of 2 words—blend and single—words whose apparent simplicity mask a additional sophisticated reality.

Comparison between single malt and blended scotch whiskey:

comparison Single malt Blended scotch whisky
Defining factors A single whiskey is that that is created from water and milkshake barley, and is distilled at one works. A mixed hard is named thus once a whiskey is mixed with grain whisky.
What it actually means Confusion rules once we say single malt; what it truly refers to may be a single producer or works. However, the top product needn’t essentially be one malt however may be an excellent mix of malts of varied ages; such the consistency of the merchandise is maintained. A mixed Scotch may also imply a mix or mixture of 2/3 elements of grain hard drink and 1/3 a part of whiskey, not essentially from identical works. A mixed malt whisky could contain a mixture of whiskies from over forty to fifty totally different malt and grain distilleries.
Differentiating factor Single whiskey goes through one batch production; but, the merchandise may be results of a mix of various aged hard drink. The style differs consistent with the region and works wherefrom the ultimate product comes, and also the better part is that no 2 whiskies can ever style identical. The mixing takes place within the presence of a master liquidizer, United Nations agency ensures the style of the mix remains consistent throughout. What truly happens in an exceedingly mixed Scotch is that the master liquidizer, samples numerous malts and grain whiskies and combines them along in an exceedingly cask and leaves it to mature.


What is a whiskey Blend?

What we’d like to try and do here is to ascertain that there square measure 2 means alternative ways other ways to use the word blend—an informal way and a proper, or legal, way. Informally, a mix may be a mixture—in this case, a mix of 2 or additional whiskies that square measure bottled and oversubscribed collectively whiskey. Formally, however, a whiskey may be a product that contains a mixture of barrel-aged malt and grain whiskies.

There’s a common idea that as a result of a definite whiskey is tagged “single malt,” it should be the merchandise of simply one batch or barrel of whiskey. This is often incorrect. Most single malts, as you will see, square measure a mix, within the sense that they are a mix of whiskies.

What will Single-Malt?

The root of all confusion lies within the easy word single. A single-malt Scotch is nothing additional or but the merchandise of one still. Not the merchandise of one batch or one barrel, however one still. A single-malt Lagavulin could contain whiskies from several barrels made at the Lagavulin still, however it’ll contain solely whiskies made at Lagavulin.

A single-grain Scotch varies solely therein it contains barley and one or additional different cereal grains, sometimes wheat or corn. Again, single is deceptive here: it refers to not a product made of one grain; however a product created at one still.