difference between sales and marketing


Difference Between Sales and Marketing


difference between sales and marketing While sales is more of transaction-based, marketing aims at winning and retaining the customers for the long term. These two often share a common goal of increasing the company’s revenue but differ in their functions and process. Basically sales imply the exchange of products and services for money or money’s worth. On the other hand, marketing is an umbrella term which indicates a set of activities that starts with the market research and ends with consumer satisfaction.

The focus of the two is on two different ends, as in marketing stresses on fulfilling the needs of the customers, whereas sales is all about reaching the company’s sales targets, i.e. it focuses on fulfilling company’s needs. Marketing tends to identify the needs, wants and demands of the custom.

Sales :

Sales is nothing however the first aim of any commerce, within the sense that every one the activities of an organization area unit directed towards the rise of sales. primarily it encompasses the activities that end in the commerce of “what the corporate offers to its customers” in a very given amount of your time, by convincing the purchasers that purchasing the company’s product are going to be useful for them.

For this purpose, the employee ought to have exceptional communication and persuading skills, to convey the advantages of the merchandise or service to the client effectively, whereas responsive their queries.

Every company includes a specific department for sales of its merchandise and services that area unit usually divided into completely different groups, on the premise of:

Geographical location, wherever the groups provide the merchandise and repair to,

Product and services, that the groups have to be compelled to sell,

Target client, whom the merchandise and services area unit to be offered.


Marketing could be a method that involves a spectrum of activities meted out by the enterprise thus on promote the company’s sales of product or service. the method begins with distinctive the requirements of the shoppers, meeting those wants fruitfully by making, human activity and delivering the offerings, in exchange for a worth, that’s valued by the shoppers.

It is a method to make the interest of the target market within the company’s offerings. All the activities that conceive to draw the eye of the shoppers towards the company’s offerings and to retain them ar lined beneath the term promoting, like marketing research and analysis, development, promotion, distribution ways, sales and after-sales service.