Difference between pie chart and bar chart


The first distinction that catches a reader’s eye is that the bar graph vs. chart looks distinction. Whereas a chart could be a chart that categorizes completely different knowledge split into slices, bar charts plot them either vertically or horizontally. For pie charts, you would like to require the relative values of the measurements. Bar charts plot absolutely the values, on the opposite hand. It needs no angular measurements.

Generally, bar charts are additional prevailing than pie charts as they represent factual knowledge. Even more, bar charts will use several knowledge right away, creating them additional versatile. Most people discard pie charts as they need additional labeling. This doesn’t build them terribly crisp that ought to be the first objective of any knowledge visual image. However, once smaller knowledge is employed to separate into fractions, a chart could be a wiser alternative.

Comparison of pie chart and bar chart:

comparison Pie chart Bar chart
appearance                A chart may be a circular chart with the classes aforethought as slices or pies In bar graphs, the classes square measure described as rectangular bars
Angular measurement the knowledge is born-again into angles, keeping 360 degrees to be such as the complete pie There isn’t any involvement of angular menstruation in bar charts
usage Pie charts may be employed in one manner – an entire circle Bar charts may be visually described in 2 ways that – vertically or horizontally
flexibility Chart users think about pie charts to be less versatile as several knowledge cannot be used. Otherwise, slices look clustered               In terms of flexibility, unless for special occasions, a bar graph ought to be used because it will occupy multiple classes and might use for various units
values The chart expresses relative values. It incorporates a part-to-whole comparison Bar charts use absolutely the values


What Is Bar Chart?

A bar graph or graph could be a prevailing two-dimensional graph consisting of rectangular bars. The bars, every representing a class, have lengths that correspond to the frequency of the class. Although bar charts are drawn with bars standing up or lying flat (read from left to right), the vertical chart is that the most typical. While the horizontal axis stands for classes, the vertical axis displays a price comparable to the classes. When observing an outsized set of classes, bar charts art helpful for comparisons.

If the information is additional numerous, bar charts will handle it. For instance, the classified bar charts or stacked bar charts show additional advanced knowledge classes.

On a similar coordinate axis, you may draw the information for each women and boys having completely different favorite colors. The colors would represent categorical knowledge, and therefore the variety of boys and women is drawn on a similar bar in an exceedingly classified bar graph. You’ll additionally need to possess a glance at our article on distinction between bar and column chart.

What Is Pie Chart?

A chart could be a circular chart that displays percentages as a part-to-whole like they were pie slices. Each knowledge class is said to one slice. In an exceedingly chart, the slice size corresponds with the proportion of the class compared to the total pie.

For making a chart, you would like an inventory of numeric variables and categorical variables. For example, a fruit marketer will use a chart to work out that fruit he sells the foremost in an exceedingly month (the sales are numeric variables and fruits are unconditional variables). The chart allows him to make a decision that fruit he ought to oftentimes sell to draw additional revenue.

When the slice proportions are terribly on the point of one another, pie charts become advanced to use. Readers cannot differentiate between the slices. They will note drawn to plot absolute values as bar charts can.

Main variations between chart and chart:

The distinction in chart and chart look is that the most outstanding gap.

Pie charts calculate the relative values by changing them to angles. Bar charts plot absolutely the values.

Once it involves pie charts, there’s just one usage. On the opposite hand, bar charts have multiple usages – vertical, horizontal, multiple bars, or classified bars.

Bar charts provide additional flexibility because of the various usage strategies they provide. Also, they will be used for each tiny or massive knowledge assortment. Because the pie charts would like additional labeling, they’re appropriate for tiny knowledge classes.

Pie charts will take a small amount longer to work out the proportions. Bar charts is quickly drawn