Difference Between Lawyer and Advocate


Difference Between Lawyer and Advocate


Difference Between Lawyer and Advocate A person UN agency is following or completed the degree of law or UN agency could be a law graduate.

Any person UN agency has completed the degree of law, whether or not of three year law degree course or 5-year law course, that person is understood as a professional person. however will a professional person represent his consumer within the court of law by simply having a law degree? the solution isn’t any. someone UN agency has solely a degree doesn’t mean that he’s appropriate represent his consumer in Bi Court for arguments.


When a professional person enrolls himself with a bar council then he becomes Associate in Nursing advocate. It means once an individual represents himself as Associate in Nursing advocate it means that he has registered himself below the bar council. He has the proper to represent his purchasers in Court. Basically, this can be the most distinction between a professional person and advocate.

How can a lawyer become an advocate:

A professional could be a one that has completed his law however he has no right to represent his shoppers in court for arguments. There are criteria that ought to be completed by a professional to become AN advocate.

Suppose you’ve got completed your no degree and currently your standing could be a professional. when the completion of your degree, you’ve got to present the test of the bar council of Asian country that is additionally referred to as the BCI test. The professional has got to pass this test to enroll his name within the list of BAR Council. After that, the bar council can offer you with the license to apply within the Court. With this method, a professional becomes AN advocate and gains the facility to represent his shoppers within the court of law.

Eligibility of the supreme court AOR exam:

If an advocate was to present the supreme court AOR examination:

The advocate should have the expertise of five years during which he ought to have four years in observe and one year observe below any AOR of the supreme court.

The AOR below whom the advocate  is active, should have the expertise of over ten years within in supreme court of asian nation.

So this can be the distinction between AN advocate, senior advocate and advocate on record.