What is The difference between latitude and longitude


What is the difference between latitude and longitude

What is the Latitude:

In geographic, latitude is outlined because the angle of any purpose, north or south of the equator, i.e. it’s a frame of reference, that’s used as a point of reference to find places on earth.

An equator is Associate in nursing imagined circular line drawn on the world, that divides it into two equal elements, whereby the higher 0.5 is named hemisphere, and therefore the lower 0.5 is thought as hemisphere. The circular lines, parallel to the equator, up to the North and South poles are the parallels of latitude.

What is the Longitude:

The angle of any purpose, east or west of the meridian or west of the quality Meridian is named longitude. It ascertains however so much a selected place is, from the reference line. The reference lines passing from North Pole to the pole is thought as meridians of meridian. These are semi-circles, whose distance decreases firmly pole wards, as all of them meet at the poles.

All the meridians are of constant length, so borough Meridian is taken into account because the meridian to range meridians. The worth of meridian} is 0° longitude and separate the world into 2 equal elements, i.e. orient and hemisphere.

Key difference of latitude and longitude:

The geographic coordinates that ascertain the space of some extent, north-south of the equator, is termed latitude. The geographic coordinate, that identifies the space of some extent, east-west of the line of longitude, is termed as meridian.

The direction of latitude is east to west, that is parallel to the equator. On the contrary, the direction of meridian is north to south, across the 2 poles.

Greek letter letter of the alphabet (ɸ) is employed to represent latitude. Conversely, Greek letter lambda (λ), could be a image for meridian.

The vary of latitudes is from zero to ninety degrees, however the longitudes vary from zero to one hundred eighty degrees.

The parallel circles from the equator to the north and south poles area unit termed as parallels of latitude. As opposed, the lines of reference, running from the 2 poles is understood as meridians of meridian.