Difference between laparoscopy and lapartomy


Laparoscopy and incision area unit two approaches to abdominal surgery. Incision is that the older of the two and laparotomy could be a terribly recent development. Each condition has their benefits and drawbacks. It’s the choice of the doc to settle on between the two approaches. This text can discuss each approaches well highlight their benefits and drawbacks and therefore the variations between them.

Comparison between laparoscopy and lapartomy:

laparoscopy lapartomy
Laparoscopy is minimally invasive surgical procedure. Lapartomy is basically a surgical procedure
Laparoscopy involves small incision. Lapartomy involves large incision.
More steep learning curve and it has limitation. Safe and a shorter learning curve with easy to perform


 What is Laparotomy?

Laparotomy is that the gap of the abdomen to induce at the organ that desires the surgical operation. Incision is completed principally beneath anesthesia, except in special circumstances like caesarian section. There are unit specific sites for surgical entry once it involves incision. Appendix that is found at the lower right corner of the abdomen desires satiny low incision known as grid-iron incision placed midway between the omphalos and therefore the anterior superior bone spine. Extirpation desires associate incision placed at the higher right corner of the abdomen. Major gut surgery might have a plane incision.

It is vital to notice that the structures cut by the incision take issue greatly because of the anatomy of the wall. Special techniques area unit won’t to minimize blood loss, minimize tissue injury and improve recovery. Initial section created is created on one in every of the skin creases as a result of incisions made parallel to the skin creases bear less strain and heal quicker.

Muscles area unit ne’er cut, however separated. There’s a lot of discussion happening whether or not the serous membrane ought to be closed once closing the abdomen. However, the overall rule is it’s safer to shut the serous membrane as a result of it reduces the chance of post-operative adhesion formation. As a result of incision exposes the intra-abdominal content, there’s the next probability of infection and dehydration. Therefore, antibiotic cowl is crucial and fluid management ought to take into thought the additional water loss.

What is Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy could be a fashionable methodology of minimally invasive surgery. Laparotomy desires special instrumentality and a high resolution show device to ascertain the intra-abdominal contents throughout surgery. Laparotomy is additionally done nearly always beneath anesthesia. Special cases like laparotomy motor-assisted channel excision could also be done beneath spinal. At the beginning of the surgery, the initial incision is at the omphalos.

This can be the port of entry for the virus needle. The abdomen is pumped up with greenhouse emission. As a result of modality could be a chance throughout surgery, element isn’t wont to inflate the abdomen to forestall the plain risk of ignition. Once the abdomen is inflated the camera goes in through the virus needle. Two or three extra ports area unit cut on either aspect of the initial incision. The complete surgical operation is completed with long instruments, and a TV shows what’s being done. Once the surgery, the gas and therefore the instruments area unit removed, and an easy closure is enough. Laparoscopic surgery takes a moment if inexperienced.

There are unit limitations to laparotomy. It can’t be wont to take away massive womb; massive cysts and malignancies with in depth unfold. Laparotomy might fail within the presence of in depth adhesions.

What is the distinction between laparotomy and Laparotomy?

  • Laparotomy could be a fashionable procedure whereas incision isn’t.
  • Laparotomy desires special cameras and show devices whereas most laparotomies don’t.
  • Laparotomy desires a tiny low port of entry whereas incision releases the abdomen.
  • Laparotomy desires inflation with a gas to induce a decent field of vision whereas incision offers a decent exposure once the initial entry.
  • laparotomy might not achieve success with massive intra-abdominal plenty and cancers whereas incision is that the fall back live just in case of failure.
  • Recovery time once laparotomy is shorter than that once incision.
  • Post-operative pain is a smaller amount in laparotomy.