What is The Difference between Email and Chats


Difference Between Email and Chats

Definition of email :

An electronical message sent from one computer to another. Email saves money. An email message takes a seconds to reach. It is the modern method. Email messages is the digital mechanism.


  1. A message sent and received electronically is called email.
  2. It is the popular way to communicate.
  3. Email is the most widely used over the internet.
  4. Email means electric communication.
  5. Email is a protocal.
  6. The email was first introduced in 1971.
  7. Email is the platform used for profession.
  8. It is used personal communication.
  9. The email is used to transfer the data.

Definition of chat :

chat is like a conversation  the chat is the real time communication. Chat takes places in near real time. Chat is a kind of program .


  1. Chat is a typically software.
  2. chat needs accounts.
  3. Chat is a conversation reply in a couple second.
  4. Chat is also known as chatting .
  5. Chat refers the process of communication.
  6. It involves two or more peoples.
  7. Chat is able to convey voice and audio.
  8. Chat requires the permission of both parties.
  9. Chats services is without installing clients.