What is The Difference between Data sheet view and design view


Difference Between Data Sheet View and Design View:

Definition of data sheet view :

  • Data sheet allows the content of the spreadsheet which has a single record . This is called data sheet view.

Data sheet view :

  1. data view refers the data base.
  2. It use for the edit and enter.
  3. it cannot allow the format of the data base.
  4. It is a online display.
  5. The data are arranged by rows and columns.
  6. It creates the field of the file.
  7. Data allows the content of the table.
  8. It has a similar sheets had a row in a table.
  9. data sheet shows the field of data types.
  10. Its forms to configure the fields.

Definition of design view :

  • It has the rather content and filed names of the primary key with data integrity.

Design view :

  1. The design view us the content of the data.
  2. It also filled up of column and names.
  3. Each column has a single record of the table.
  4. It takes the more times of data.
  5. The user can do their own design of the data.
  6. The user can make their needed filed.
  7. It allows the data types description to the


  1. it shows actual data of the table.
  2. It can make changes the design.
  3. It can’t change the table design.