What is The Difference between Data and program


Difference between Data and program

Data :

  1. Data are important for computer.
  2. Data are simple and easy to understand.
  3. There are many types of data

* Personal data

* Transactional Data

* Web data

*Sensor data

  1. Data helps to organised the problem occurred.
  2. Data does not help to make any decisions of computer.
  3. Data are the information that stored in computer of hard disk .
  4. Data does not go into cpu.
  5. Data are information that stored in files and folder by computer.
  6. It forms of text document , image , audio clip , etc….

Program :

  1. Programs are the instruction of data and information accurately.
  2. Program are collection of software.
  3. Programs going to cpu according to the instruction.
  4. Programs analyze processing data and information.
  5. Program used to provide and execute by computer.
  6. Programs helps in making decisions.
  7. programs are more importants for computer and active computer.
  8. Programs are not simple it is hard to understand.
  9. programs are considered as dumb box.