Difference Between Data and Information


Difference Between Data and Information


Information is delineate as a result of the structured, organized and processed information, presented within context, that creates it relevant and useful to the one UN agency wishes it. Information suggests that raw facts and figures concerning people, places, or the opposite issue, that’s expressed inside the kind of numbers, letters or symbols.

Information is that the data that’s reworked and classified into an intelligible kind, which can be utilized within the technique of deciding. In short, once data find yourself to be purposeful once conversion its cited as information its one factor that informs in essence it provides an answer toa particular question. It is going to be obtained from various sources like newspaper, internet, television, people books etc.


Data may be raw and unorganized indisputable fact that needed to be processed to form it substantive. It may be think about as a facts and statistics collected along for reference or analysis.

Data area unit individual units of data. In analytical processes, information  area unit delineate by variables. Data is often understood, by a personality’s or machine to derive that means. So, information is pointless information contains numbers, statements and characters in an exceedingly raw kind.

Main difference of data and information:

Data  could be a assortment of facts, into is however you perceive  those facts in context.

Data is unorganized , whereas info is structured or organized.

Information is associate uncountable noun, whereas information could be a noun.

Data isn’t usually helpful on its own, however info is.

Data usually includes the raw sorts of numbers, statements, and characters. Info doesn’t need to.

Information depends on information.

Data and information in computers:

In the world of computers, knowledge is that the input, or what you tell the personal computer to try to  or save. Data is that the output, or however the personal interprets your knowledge and shows you the requested action or directive.