What is the difference between bone and cartilages


What are 3 differences between bone and cartilage?

The human system includes of bones and cartilages of various sorts. Moreover, they’re supporting connective tissues in our body. In different words, they provide support and surface for the attachment of muscles moreover as protection to varied essential organs just like the brain, eyes, heart, and more. Further, they conjointly offer an exact type and form to our bodies. Thus, we tend to should recognize the distinction between bone and animal tissue to know them higher. Bones ar exhausting tissues forming the structure of our bodies. On the opposite hand, animal tissue isn’t as exhausting as bones and is found in areas of ear, nose, and joints in our body.

Definition of Bone:

As you recognize, bones are rigid tissues of the body that ar created of albuminoid and orthophosphate. Thus, it’s conjointly fashioned of animal tissue. Further, the bone tissues in our bodies assemble for forming the bones of the skeletons, human system, and different vertebrates. Hence, there are 206 separate bones within the body of associate degree adult human. the biggest bone is that the thigh-bone or femoris and therefore the smallest one is that the stirrup within the tympanum. Moreover, the soma includes of bones having 5 completely different shapes- flat, irregular, long, sesamoid, and short.

Definition of cartilages:

Cartilage could be a reasonably animal tissue that’s soft and firm. Moreover, they supply flexibility, bending, and stretching of muscles. Thus, you may notice them gift in places wherever support and adaptability ar needed like between the back, joints, ears, and nose. In different words, it’s the living thing matrix that’s gift within the animal tissue. The specialised cells called chondroblasts turn out this matrix. Further, the chondroblasts are gift within the matrix of chondrocytes. house wherever this cell lie is lacunae. Hence, currently you recognize however chondrocytes decide the amount of flexibility of the animal tissue.

similarities between bone and cartilage

Bones perform several functions. Firstly, they provide structural support to the soft tissue, internal organs. additionally, it additionally serves a protecting web site for special tissues just like the bone marrow.

Further, they additionally provide form to the body and play the role of a mineral reservoir. Here, it controls the amount of atomic number 20 and phosphate within the fluids of the body.

There are a unit 3 kinds of cartilage- Elastic animal tissue, gristle, and Fibro animal tissue. cartilage is gift within the knee and between the skeletal structure.

Further, elastic animal tissue is gift within the ear and is that the most versatile kind of all. Finally, gristle is gift at the top of the ribs and within the nose. it’s the second most versatile kind. Give four differences between bone and cartilage class 9