what is the Difference between Blue ray and web ray


Difference between Blue ray and web ray

Blue ray:

1.Blue ray is fallen in the ground and the disc particles that are attached to the display and screen of the electric appliances.

2.Blue ray has the Highest wavelength compared to the other colours of lights.

3.It is used to detect the appearance of pictures and another type of rays.

4.Blue ready having a capacity to store the copies of single disc.

5.Blue ray also includes to provide internet and data streams.

6.playstation has a drive that are installed and used by the blue ray.

7.During the insertion of blue rays it will helpful to introduce the light rays.

Web ray:

1.Web download is a file for video downloads from their own websites.

2.It consider any website and digital videos by using web-dL format.

3.Reduced files size contains limited internet with less data usage.

4.The website of pirated movies and videos are use the web-dl format.

5.Reduced quality helps to reduced the size of the download files.

6.Netflix , Amazon prime are the videos often in a web-dL fromat.