What is the difference between au gratin and scalloped potatoes

What is the difference between au gratin and scalloped potatoes

Au gratin:

Potatoes cooked could be a dish created with thinly-sliced layers of punk potatoes. Gratin is that the cookery technique of baking or cookery an ingredient screw-topped with cheese and breadcrumbs to form a tender crust. Most potatoes cooked recipes also will involve a sprinkling of Swiss cheese cheese in between every layer, likewise as baking the casserole during a creamy sauce.betty crocker scalloped potatoes vs au gratin

Making cooked potatoes involves cutting potatoes thinly into rounds, dredging them in general-purpose flour, and layering them during a casserole dish with cheese between every layer. The dish is baked till golden brown, screw-topped with salt and black pepper to style, and prepared to serve. Red or Yukon gold potatoes square measure ideal for cooked as a result of their high starch content and skill to soak up the punk flavor.

difference between au gratin and scalloped potatoes

Scalloped potatoes:

Scalloped potatoes may be a dish of sliced potatoes baked in associate degree herb-infused bechamel sauce. Some rough potato recipes could require cheese either within or on high of the dish, though ancient rough potato casseroles don’t contain cheese. Instead, the potato slices square measure roast during a bechamel sauce made from milk, cream, and recent herbs.

Scalloped potatoes square measure generally served beside pork chops or ham and served on Easter in North America. Rough potatoes square measure sometimes created with russet or Yukon gold potatoes since they bake well and absorb the cream nicely, however you’ll be able to conjointly build rough potatoes with sweet potatoes.

difference between au gratin and scalloped potatoes

Why do they call them scalloped potatoes?

The potatoes area unit sliced equally. Potatoes cooked and crenate potatoes each involve variety of layers of potatoes that area unit bareass and sliced into rounds. The potatoes area unit then baked during a cream or bechamel.

Both area unit baked is crenate potatoes and potatoes cooked area unit each baked in casserole or baking dishes till they’re tender and done on high, and tender and creamy within the middle. you’ll be able to simply build each dishes prior to, then refrigerate them lined with foil till you’re able to heat them within the kitchen appliance.

Best au gratin potato recipe

Both involve cream is wealthy ingredients each of those dishes can involve sliced potatoes and a few kind of milk or bechamel within which to cook them.Both are a unit vacation dishes is each dishes area unit related to special occasions like holidays, celebrations, and even funerals. A crenate potato casserole lidded with cheese is additionally referred to as ‘funeral potatoes’ in elements of North America.

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