What is The Difference between Antibiotic and vaccine


Definition of Antibiotic:

The word antibiotics is the meaning of defence against the disease that doesn’t affect the human body. When the antibiotics are directly perform during the disease will getting inside to the human body. It is a type of antimicrobial substance active against bacteria. This is mainly defence against the bacterial infection,and antibiotic medications. It is widely used treatment and prevention of such type of infectious disease.

Definition of vaccine:

A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease. when the person inject the vaccine that will protect the human against any disease. A vaccine is a typically containing agent that resembles a disease carrying microorganisms and often made from kill the antigens.

Difference between Antibiotic and vaccine:


1.Antibiotic is settle in the human body when we enter into the world.

2.It is preventing the body against any disease will come into the body.

3.When the human body temperature is low the fever is come and that is reason for high temperature.

4.Antibody is main function in the human body.

5.It is inserted in the body during the child age.

6.This will prevent more cautious diseases.


1.Vaccine is a injection that is insert the human body when the disease will affect the human.

2.This will prevent the body against that particular disease.

3.For example:COVID 19 is a very dangerous disease that disease will killing the affected person.

4.The vaccine of covaxin and covishield will prevent the human body against the disease of corona virus.

5.This is the main functions of vaccine.

6.vaccine is very important for the human life because all the human beings are inserted the vaccine.