Difference Between Ac Contactor and Dc Contactor


Difference between ac contactor and dc contactor

What is the Ac contactor:

The AC contactor is an magnetic attraction AC contactor with a NO main contact, 3 poles, and air because the arc quenching medium. Its elements include: coil, short-circuit ring, static iron core, moving iron core, moving contact, static contact, auxiliary NO contact, auxiliary NC contact, pressure spring sheet, reaction spring, buffer spring, arc quenching the quilt consists of original elements. the looks structure of the common AC contactor.

What is the Dc contactor:

A DC contactor is an electrically controlled device designed to modify current on and off. DC contactors management current in DC circuits by closing and gap internal contacts. DC contactors management a lot of lower voltages than AC circuits and supply the advantage of nominal arcing because the circuit opens and closes. the most operate of a DC contactor is solely to form and break the affiliation between the facility supply and also the load. One aspect of contactor is fastened and also the alternative is movable. Once energized, the generated magnetic attraction force pulls the movable contact toward the stationary contact and also the spring pulls the contactors apart once de-energized.

Ac contactor and dc contactor difference:

The primary distinction lies within the construction of the contactors. The AC contactor contains a grid arc termination device as opposition the DC contactor, that includes a magnetic arc termination device.

The AC contactor uses the principles of alternate current to work andis supplied with an iron core that results in eddy current loss and physical phenomenon loss. to stop this, the iron core is laminated with semiconductor steel plates.  As there’s no generation or depletion of eddy current, DC contactors need no such lamination to counter the loss. The DC contactors will, therefore, be created out of complete forged steel or iron.

The semiconductor steel plating in AC contactors is additionally needed to stop warming. there’s no heat generation once it involves electricity, that the iron core in DC contactors wants no such lamination.  The DC contactor includes a U form, whereas the AC contactor has AN E form.

The DC contactor includes a most in operation frequency of 1200 times per hour. In distinction, AC contactors have a most in operation frequency of 600 times per hour.

The AC contactor is meant to figure at lower resistances, in order that they have fewer turns. To counter the warmth generation in AC contactors, the coils area unit created into thicker, nevertheless smaller cylindrical shapes. These coils area unit supplied with ample area in between to encourage chilling. There is no inductance in DC contactors, in order that they will bear heavier resistance and additional turns. As there’s negligible heat generation, the coil in DC contactors is tightly spun into a agent cylindrical form.

The number of coils in AC contactors and DC contactors varies greatly. DC contactors have a considerably higher variety of coils as compared to AC contactors.  The AC contactor and DC contactor may also be distinguished supported their construction. The DC contactor is supplied with a freewheeling diode.