Formula of Aluminium fluoride


Formula of Aluminium fluoride:

Aluminium fluoride is mainly making of aluminium.It is a colourless chemical compound .During the colourless compound it doesn’t combine with any other compound.The aluminium fluoride is natural compound.The molecular formula of aluminium fluoride is  AlF3.

It can be used to manufacture the more reliable aluminium materials.aluminium fluoride is heated with the alumina or aluminium oxide at 700°c.Now we want to know the structure and uses of aluminium fluoride in the detail.

Structure of Aluminium fluoride:

Formula of Aluminium fluoride

 Properties of Aluminium fluoride:

Name Aluminium Fluoride
Appearance Hygroscopic white or colourless solid
Chemical Formula AlF3
Melting Point 1,291 °C (anhydrous)
Molar Mass 83.977 g/mol (anhydrous)

101.992 g/mol (monohydrate)

138.023 g/mol (trihydrate)

Density 3.10 g/cm3 (anhydrous)

2.17 g/cm3 (monohydrate)

3.10 g/cm3 (trihydrate)

Solubility in Water Soluble in water

Formula of Aluminium fluoride