Formula of Aluminium acetate:(c6H9ALO6)

Formula of Aluminium acetate: (c6H9ALO6)

 Aluminium acetate is also called as aluminium triacetate formula.And we know about the formula in the following paragraphs.The formula of Aluminium acetate is C6H9AlO6.The aluminium acetate is kindly explain in the three salts.


1.Neutral aluminium triacetate – Its molecular formula is Al(CH3CO2)3.

2.Basic aluminium diacetate – Its molecular formula is HOAl(CH3CO2)2.

3.Basic aluminium monoacetate – Its molecular formula is (HO)2AlCH3CO2.


Structure of Aluminium acetate:

Formula of Aluminium acetate


Properties of Aluminium acetate:

Molecular formula C6H9AlO6
Molecular weight 204.114 g/mol
Complexity 25.5
Compound canonicalization Yes
Covalent bond 4


Uses of Aluminium acetate:

1.The aluminium acetate is mainly used the antiseptic agent and reduce the septic process .

2.This is used in the medical process.

3.It is treated the infected skin,itch disease, healing the promotes and treat the inflammation.

These are the components of Aluminium acetate formula.

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