Why 90% New Bloggers Fail to Make a Successful Blog.


Being a blogger I know it’s very hard to grow a blog for new bloggers in the initial stage, I’m here to solve this query and will give you proper knowledge that every blogger keeps in mind while starting a blog.

Why New Bloggers Fail?

why bloggers failI have mentioned some points by which you get knowledge of why bloggers fail to make a successful blog.

Content writing issue.

Content writing is quite obvious but it’s and common problem for every new blogger.

Solution for this

  • Guys, you can’t get rid of this work it is the base of blogging because without content you are nothing.
  • You should post an article daily for more results, Hiring a content writer is not a good option until you don’t have time or you are in a job but try to write yourself, It just takes a couple of hours to make a post daily.
  • and the last issue is that how much wording is needed it’s not required to make 1000 or 2000 words if user get its answer in 100 words it’s okay don’t take the headache of wording
  • Because most of the user didn’t read the whole content make it short if your post is on a high volume keyword then it depends on your because some blog gets ranked in just 300 words article in the competition of 3000 words.

Wasting time on the blog appearance.

I don’t know why bloggers always trying to make their blog more trendy.

Bloggers should not waste time on this. Just use themes like GeneratePress and setup it up leave it for a couple of years just focus on content.

even this blog is using a GeneratePress theme it still looks great no need to working for even upcoming years,

just make it simple and easy to navigate your blog appearance.

Posts are not showing on Google

most bloggers get in tension while their blog posts do not show on targeted keyword, It takes time to rank your blog post on google some times it might take 2-3 months even I don’t know that this blog post will rank on google in 1, 2 or 3 months.

Solution for this

  • Post some more posts on the topic’s main keyword.
  • Update your post from time to time.
  • Make some backlinks from free sources.

Not getting earning in the initial stage.

Blogging is a time taking game it takes time to get some bucks, Most bloggers leave blogging for not getting approval on Adsense.

Solutions of this

  • Quit blogging now if you want to earn instantly.
  • Run Ads on FB, IG, Google, and YouTube for instant earning.
  • Share posts on Social Media.
  • Get traffics from YouTube.

Don’t Know Real Way to make a successful Blog

Patience is important in blogging, Try to post content on the latest topic in your niche and then add a few competitive keyword posts then it will increase your chance to get it on google, I will give you proper knowledge in the upcoming blog post.

Use Social Media to get more traffic and returning visitors, Stick to your niche and post daily on the latest and trending topics and add high-volume keywords.The WordPress is the best CMS and if you are using Blogger just leave it now invest some money on hosting and transfer your site to WordPress.