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varn viched wood is a type of wood finish that is created by applying a clear, durable sealer over the surface of a piece of wood. The sealant creates a smooth, shiny finish that is resistant to scratches and water stains.

Varn Viched

To understand the composition of the word, the process of showing the letters of the word separately is called ‘ Varn Viched’ .

Like- Tulsi = T+ U+L+ A+ S+ E

How many types of characters are there ?

There are two types of alphabets –
1) Vowels
2) Consonants

Separation of vowels or consonants is called separation of letters. For this, it is very important for us to know about the quantities of vowels. In place of that quantity, that vowel (A, Aa, E, E etc.) is used which has that quantity.

Example –  The word Nidhi will have a vowel break – n + i + d + i
The word Nidhi will have a character break – n + i + d + i















It doesn’t have any quantity.














A round metal pot


 Some examples of vowel  ‘ 

Statement = K + A + Th + A + N + A
Lotus = K + A + M + A + L + A

Examples of ‘ and ‘ vowels

Mama = M + A + M + A
Command=A + J + J + A

Examples of the vowel ‘ 

Fort = K + E + L + A
Farmer = K + E + S + A + N + A

Examples of the vowel ‘ 

Sweet = M + E + Th + A
Yellow = P + E + L + A

Examples of ‘ ‘ vowel

Choice = Ch + U + N + A + V + A
Rose = G + U + L + A + B + A

Examples of ‘ oo ‘ vowel

Flower = f + oo + l + a
Swing = jh + oo + l + a

Example of ‘ ‘ vowel

House = G + Ri + H + A
Dance = N + Ri + T + Y + A

Examples of ‘ ‘ Vowels

Country =
D + A + Sh + A Thela = Th + A + L + A

Varn Viched

Examples of ‘ A ‘ Vowel

Field = M + Ai + D + A + N + A
Fashion = F + Ai + Sh + A + N + A

Examples of ‘ ‘ vowels

Round = G + O + L + A
Hollow = O + Kh + A + L + E

Examples of vowel ‘ au 

Woman = au+ r + a + t + a
servant= n + au + k + a + r +a


  • Salvation = U + D + D + A + R+ A
  • Ank = A + N + A + K + A
  • Woman = au+ r + a + t + a
  • Dhruv =dh +r +u+v+ a
  • repository=bh+ a+nu0+ d+a r+ a
  • Yajna=y + a +j + j +a

Important points of alphabet division

1. Arrangement of Halant mark

All the consonant letters of the alphabet have ‘A’ vowel mixed in them. There is no quantity mark of ‘A’ vowel. But when it is read to make a consonant voiceless, then the sign of ‘Halant’ is used below it.

L=L+A etc.

2. Characterization of compound consonants

The first character of compound consonants is incomplete, like ‘pp’, ‘cha’ etc. Therefore, while dividing the letters, write these incomplete letters in full form only.


ft=f+ t+ a,

Nn = N+ N+A etc.

3. Character separation of combined forms of r-consonant-

There are three letters that can be written by combining R + Consonant – R [r] and [/]. But when we divide the characters, then at that time instead of all the symbols of ‘R’, write only ‘R’.


Order =k+ r +a+ m+a

Love = P+R+A+M+A etc.

4. Alphabetical division of words containing anusvar 

The point [n] symbol has been made for Anuswar. Do not write a dot above the vowel letter for Anuswar while dividing the letters.


world= s +a +consonant+ s +a+ r+a
destruction = s +a+consonant +h+a +r+a

5. Characterization of words with nasal  

Nasalized is a ‘nasalised vowel’. It has two symbols – Bindu [n] and Quadrabindu

At the time of dissection, nasal vowels should be written in their original form by applying Chandrabindu and Bindu.


Tail = p + oom + ch + a
Seench = s + in + ch + a

6. Alphabetical division of words containing compound consonants ‘ Ksh ‘ , ‘ Tra ‘, ‘ Gya ‘ and ‘ Shra’-

You know about the compound consonants ‘ksha’, ‘tra’, ‘gya’ and ‘shra’. They are composed from the following description- Ksh = K + Sh, T = T + R,

‘A’ vowel is mixed in these letters. At the same time, their caste-dissection is done in the same classes. The alphabets from which they are composed.


travel=y + a + t + r + a
friend=m + i + t + r + a

7. Words with disjunction-

Like Anuswar, write Visarga with the word ‘Visarga’ while dividing the characters.

such as:
matih=m + a + t + i + consonant
sadhuh=s + a + dh+u+consonant

Rules of Varn Viched – Rules of Varn Viched

To read the alphabet, we need to understand the following points-

1. Structure of consonants- Under this we should know how many consonants are there in the Hindi alphabet. Also the numbers of touch consonants, terminal consonants and compound consonants should also be known.

2. Error in quantity of ‘e’- When quantity of ‘e’ is imposed on any word , the student thinks that here ‘e’ comes first but it does not happen. For example- book. When the book is disassembled, it will be disassembled K + E + T + A + B + A. Another example of this we can also take ‘Keel’ because it has the sound of ‘E’ in it and its dissection will be K + E + L + A.

3. Knowledge of the quantities of vowels – Like consonants, it is very important for us to have knowledge of vowels. Before reading the alphabet, one must read about their number and their use.

4. Understanding the difference between Anuswar / Nashik – To understand this, we can take two examples –

  • Hans – Anuswar
  • laughing – nasal

When hans is alphabetized then its partition will be h + an + s + a and when swan is alphabetized then partition will be h + an + s + a . That’s why it is very important for us to understand the difference between Anuswar and Anusak .

Varn Viched

Other rules of alphabetization

5. Understanding the point of Anusvara and the form of consonant- To understand this we can take two examples-

  • Penalty – d + an + d + a
  • Penalty – D + A + N + D + A

These two words are similar in pronunciation but their articulation is different.

6. Understanding the form of ‘ O’- We should also know how to break up the alphabets of all the English language words that are made from ‘O’. To understand this, we can take the word ‘college’ because its dissection is K + O + L + A + J + A.

7. Understanding the difference between ‘Ri’ and ‘Ri’ – To understand this, we can use the words ‘Empty’ and ‘Ritu’. The dissection of the word ’empty’ is r + e + k + t + a and the dissection of the word ‘season’ is r + t + u. The pronunciation of both the words is the same but they are separated in different ways.

8. Understanding the difference between ‘Rs’ and ‘Rs’ – Many times there is a problem in these two words and often the question becomes wrong in the exam. To understand this, we can take two words ‘Rupee’ and ‘Rudha’ . The dissection of the word ‘Rupaya’ will be r + u + p + a + y + aa and the dissection of the word ‘rudh’ will be r + u + d + a .

9. Understanding the forms of ‘R’ – There are many forms of ‘R’ where ‘ R’ is sometimes applied above the letter and sometimes it is placed below the letter. To understand this we can take two examples-

  • Matter- d + r + a + v + y + a
  • Work -k + aa + r + y + a

In the word ‘Dravya’, ‘R’ is placed below the letter D and in the word ‘Karya’, the letter ‘ R’ is placed above Y. Similarly, there are many such words in which the form of ‘R’ is seen.

10. Understanding the combined form of ‘D’ and ‘H’ – In many words , the combined form of the word ‘D  or ‘H’ is seen. Here we will talk about two words ‘student’ and ‘heart’ . The combined form of ‘D’ and  Y’ is seen in the word ‘student’ and its dissection is V + E + D + Y + A + R + Th + E. The dissection of the word ‘heart’ is h + r + d + a + y + a.

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Varn Viched

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