What Is The Difference Between Asbestos And Non-Asbestos?

Difference between asbestos and non-asbestos

Asbestos waterproofing materials are a lot of proof against warm temperature than non-asbestos waterproofing materials. the most parts of amphibole waterproofing materials ar amphibole, fillers and rubber. Among them, the temperature resistance of amphibole and fillers is extremely high. the most parts of most non-asbestos waterproofing materials are mineral fibers, organic fibers, fillers and rubber. Among them, the temperature resistance of organic fibers is usually At around 200℃, the best temperature resistance of amphibole gaskets has reached regarding regarding.

What Is The Asbestos stuff:

The surface of the amphibole fiber is connected with multivalent metal cations, that simply forms a robust interface with the charged rubber on the surface, that improves the bonding strength of the rubber fiber, that is, the mechanical strength of the amphibole stuff. The non-asbestos mineral fibers presently used don’t seem to be nearly as good as amphibole in direct affinity with the rubber matrix, that the bonding strength of rubber fibers isn’t nearly as good as  amphibole fibers are often divided nearly indefinitely, and also the specific expanse is larger than that of non-asbestos mineral fibers, that the reinforcement impact is apparent.

The durability of amphibole fiber is on top of that of non-asbestos fiber, that the reinforcing impact of amphibole fiber is apparent.

The non-asbestos stuff is a lot of compact than the amphibole stuff. as a result of the asbestos-free stuff has high filler content and completely different particle sizes, it will totally fill the small gaps of the rubber fiber. for instance, prognosticate Seal uses a high-precision material choice screen, and also the precise screening of multiple raw materials is a lot of uniform. additionally, the non-asbestos fiber doesn’t have a consular structure just like the amphibole fiber, however a solid structure, that the compactness is healthier.

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What Is The non-asbestos:

As we have a tendency to all recognize, the seriousness of amphibole materials on human health has long been illegal from the employment of amphibole materials in developed countries like Europe, America and Japan, and my country can step by step end amphibole waterproofing materials and replace them with non-asbestos waterproofing materials.

Asbestos-free waterproofing materials are environmentally friendly, and amphibole waterproofing materials are non-environmental friendly. amphibole fibers contained in amphibole waterproofing materials are liable to pneumoconiosis in humans, and amphibole-free waterproofing materials don’t contain asbestos fibers.

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