What are the Source of Recruitment


what are the source of recruitment

Recruitment is one of the most important tasks for any business, and it’s an ever-changing field. With so many different job opportunities out there, it can be hard to find the right candidate, and hiring the wrong person can cost a business a lot of money. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common sources of recruitment, and how you can use them to your advantage.

External Recruitment

External recruitment is the process of finding new employees from outside the organization. There are many sources of external recruitment, including job boards, classifieds websites, employee referral programs, and headhunters.

Internal Recruitment

The best way to find new talent is through your own company’s internal recruitment process. You can use job boards and other online resources, but putting together a targeted job listing and conducting thorough interviews is the most effective way to find qualified candidates.

Another method is to reach out to colleagues and friends who may be looking for a change or may have talents that match those you need in your workforce. Finally, if you are in the market for a new employee, it is always helpful to attend job fairs and networking events.

Closing Deals

There are a few different ways to source new employees for your business. Each has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research before making a decision. You might be able to find employees through job boards, employee referral programs, or networking events.

Another option is to reach out to companies that have similar missions or goals to yours and see if they’re looking for new employees. You can also create a job ad online or in local newspapers. Make sure that the job ad is specific to your industry and includes information about the company, such as pay and benefits. Finally, you can attend career fairs and meet with potential employees face-to-face.

The Importance of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking sites, used by millions of professionals around the world. It’s a great resource for finding new employees, as well as staying up-to-date on industry trends. LinkedIn has several features that make it an ideal site for recruitment:

1) LinkedIn’s search capabilities are top-notch. You can quickly find candidates who match your job requirements, whether they’re currently employed or freelancing.

2) LinkedIn’s message boards offer a great opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals. This way, you can get valuable feedback on your job postings and potentially recruit some talented candidates.

3) LinkedIn’s “connections” feature makes it easy to reach out to potential candidates who you know have connections in your industry. This way, you can identify new talent right away and start building a pipeline of potential employees.

The Importance of a Good CV

When looking for a new job, it is important to have a well-crafted CV. A good CV will show that you have the skills and experience necessary for the position you are seeking. In addition, a good CV can also help you stand out from other candidates. Here are some tips on how to create a good CV:

1. Use a standard format. A consistent format will make your CV easier to read and helps you track your progress over time. Make sure all information is placed in the correct sections and use headings to organize your information.

2. Upload your resume in an electronic format. Resumes can be found online or on websites that specialize in job postings. If you plan to mail your resume, make sure to include contact information so that potential employers can reach you by email or phone.

3. Tailor your resume for each job posting. Don’t just upload your resume; make sure it is tailored specifically for the job you are applying to. For example, if you are applying for a admin position, include keywords related to admin positions in your resume (such as “administrative,” “office management,” or “clerical support”).

4. Proofread your resume

The Importance of Networking

One of the most important things you can do in your search for a new job is to build a strong network of professionals. Networks are created through professional associations, industry groups, or other organizations. They provide you with access to valuable resources and opportunities, and they can help you find the right job.

One way to develop a strong network is to become involved in your industry’s professional associations. These organizations offer networking opportunities and joint educational programs. They also serve as a source of information about current trends and developments in your field.

Another way to build a network is to attend career fairs and meet with employers in your field. If you’re not sure where to find career fairs in your area, check out websites like Indeed or company websites.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to reach out to friends and family members who work in the same or related fields as yours. They can provide you with valuable information and introductions to potential employers.


Recruitment is a process that helps fill positions in an organization. There are many different sources of recruitment, but the most common are job ads, networking events, and Employee Referral Programs (ERP). When choosing which source to use for your next recruitment campaign, it is important to consider what works best for your company and the position you are looking to fill.