What are the Functions of Political Parties Class 10


what are the functions of political parties class 10

Political parties play a very important role in the functioning of democracies. They help to form coalitions and work together with other political parties in order to get their candidates elected to Parliament or the State Assembly. There are many functions that political parties perform, and this article will highlight some of the most important ones.

The History of Political Parties

Political parties have a long history dating back to ancient times. They began as informal groups that fought for the interests of their members. Over time, these groups became formalized and started to have a wider impact on society.

Today, Political parties are the primary way that people can express their political views. They provide a platform for members to voice their opinions and support their beliefs. They also help to organize and campaign for the causes they believe in.

Political parties come in different shapes and sizes all across the world. Some are large and well-known, while others are small and secret. Regardless of their size, all political parties share one common goal: to promote the interests of their members.

Functions of Political Parties

Political parties play an important role in our society by helping to shape the direction of the country.

Political parties have different functions in society. Some help to shape the direction of the country, while others help to keep the government in check.

The two most important functions of political parties are policymaking and electoral politics. Policymaking is the process of shaping government policies. This is done through debates in Parliament and through lobbying by party members. Electoral politics is the process of electing representatives to Parliament who will then be able to pass laws.

Types of Political Parties

There are a few different types of political parties. the first type are the partisan parties. These are parties that only represent one side of the political spectrum. For example, the Republican and Democratic Parties are partisan parties.

The second type of party is the cross-party party. These are parties that have members from both the Republican and Democratic Parties. For example, the Green Party is a cross-party party.

The third type of party is the third party. These are parties that do not have any members from either of the two major parties. The Libertarian Party is an example of a third party.


Political parties play an essential role in our democracy and, as such, deserve to be critically evaluated. In this article, we have taken a look at the functions of political parties and assessed their strengths and weaknesses. We hope that this information has helped you think more deeply about the role political parties play in our society and will help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing which party to support.