how to join cobra commando super fast in 2022


how to join cobra commando super fast in 2022

Cobra Commando is a new arcade game that has just released and it is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. In this fast-paced game, you play as one of six elite commandos who must race against the clock to rescue hostages from terrorist strongholds.

In this guide, we will show you how to join Cobra Commando and start playing today!

how to join cobra commando super fast in 2022

What is Cobra Commando?

Cobra Commando is a new commando unit in Rainbow Six Siege. It is the successor to the Jackal and features an increase in firepower and armor. Cobra Commandos are perfect for taking down fortified positions or raiding enemy strongholds. Here we will explain how to join Cobra Commando and get started with the game.

To join Cobra Commandos, you first need to be level 10 or above in Rainbow Six Siege. Once you have reached this level, head to the lobby and select “Cobra Commandos” from the list of available teams. You will then be prompted to select a team captain who will guide you through the process of joining the squad.

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Once you have joined Cobra Commandos, you will need to complete a series of challenges in order to unlock new weapons and gear. The first challenge requires you to take down five enemies with a single shot from your sniper rifle. After completing this challenge, you will be awarded with the Python Sniper Rifle which has a longer range than other weapons in the game. Additional challenges can be found by visiting the “Challenges” section of the menu screen.

If you want to help your team win matches, then joining

How to Join Cobra Commando

Cobra Commandos are elite forces trained to operate behind enemy lines. Here’s how to join the ranks:

First, you’ll need to undergo rigorous training in the arts of stealth and combat infiltration. Next, you’ll need to pass a stringent physical and mental fitness test. And finally, you’ll need to demonstrate superior leadership abilities. If you’re ready for the challenge, then join Cobra Commandos today!

What are the Requirements for Joining Cobra Commando?

To join Cobra Commando, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid passport. You will also need to pass a physical and mental health evaluation. Cobra Commando is an elite special operations unit of the Indian Army.

What are the benefits of joining Cobra Commando?

Joining Cobra Commando can provide members with a number of benefits. These include access to exclusive training and resources, the opportunity to earn rewards, and the ability to connect with other members. Additionally, membership in Cobra Commando can help members build skills and confidence that will be beneficial in their professional and personal lives.

What is Cobra Commando?

Cobra Commando is an elite commando unit of the Indian Army. The unit is tasked with special operations and counter-terrorism operations.
The Cobra Commando unit was formed in 1987 and is based in Pune, Maharashtra.

The Government of India approved the formation of the Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (COBRA) for combating extremists and insurgents and for resolute action in operations like guerrilla/jungle warfare , approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

COBRA Expansion

  • CO – Commando
  • B- Battalion
  • R-Resolute
  • A- Action

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how to join cobra commando super fast in 2022

The unit has a strength of 1,200 personnel.Cobra Commando is considered one of the most elite units in the Indian Army. The unit is trained to carry out high-risk missions such as infiltration, sabotage, reconnaissance and assault operations.

How to Join Cobra Commando

Cobra Commando is a highly addictive game that takes place in the future. You play as a mercenary who must fight through different levels to achieve the ultimate goal. To join Cobra Commando, you will need to have an Xbox 360 and an Internet connection. Once you have these requirements met, follow these steps:

how to join cobra commando super fast in 2022

1. Go to and create an account.

2. Once you have created your account, go to the “join” page and enter your email address and password.

3. Click “join” and you will be taken to the login screen. Enter your email address and password again and click “login.”

4. Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the main menu where you can select which level you want to play. There are currently nine levels available, but they will continue to add new levels over time.

Now that you have come to know about Cobra Commando, then surely curiosity must be arising in your mind about making it. But today let us tell you that if you are thinking that there is any direct recruitment process to become a Cobra commando then you are wrong. If someone tells you that to become a cobra commando, you can do this directly and you will be kept as a cobra commando by the government of India, then he is only trying to mislead you. .

Under no circumstances, the Government of India will directly recruit any Indian citizen to CoBRA commandos. So don’t be under the illusion that you will become a cobra commando straight away. For this, first you will be recruited in the CRPF of the Indian Army. Or you can also go from recruit army to cobra commando. That is to say, to become a cobra commando, you must already be in the Indian army and only then you will be selected to become a cobra commando.

Cobra commando selection process

Now that you are fully qualified to become a cobra commando, let’s learn how to get yourself selected for the same. So as we told you above that for this first you have to get yourself selected in Indian Army or CRPF. So for this you have to give physical, medical and written test. Only after that you will be able to get selected in CRPF. Let us go through this process one by one.

physical test

First of all you have to apply for the form of CRPF. Whenever the notification of CRPF recruitment process is issued by the Government of India, you should apply for it. After this your physical test will be taken. For this, you will have to prepare for a long time so that you can pass in the physical test. Most of the examinees get dropped in this test, so if you keep your preparation strong beforehand, you will pass.

Written exam

Now when you will pass in the physical test, after some time your written test will be taken. However, this exam is not that difficult and for this you have to score only 50 percent marks. But for this also you will have to work hard because if you do not pass in it then you will have to prepare again for one year. Now when you pass in the written test, then understand that you will be selected in CRPF.

medical test

Now when you pass both the physical and written test to get into CRPF, you will be medically tested. In this every part of your body will be examined and that too with depth. Along with this, a doctor will also be examined so that it can be found that there is no disorder or disease of any kind in your body. After that you will be given the certificate and as the last step your documents will be verified.

document verification

Now that you have passed all the stages, as the last step, all your documents will be verified before you are recruited in CRPF. For this you will be asked to submit all your documents so that their veracity can be checked. If all your documents are found correct then you will get the job of CRPF.

What are the Benefits of Joining Cobra Commando?

Joining Cobra Commando can be a very rewarding experience. Here are just a few of the benefits:

-You’ll be part of a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals who share your interests in espionage and tactical warfare.

-You’ll have access to exclusive training and resources that will help you become an even more effective operative.

-You’ll receive monthly newsletters full of tips and tricks, as well as news and events from Cobra Commando.

Cobra Commando Salary

Now when you talk about the salary of CoBRA commandos, it increases by 50 to 100 percent from the salary of CRPF. It means to say that before becoming a Cobra commando, you were a CRPF jawan and your salary there was 50 thousand. So as soon as you become a cobra commando, your salary will increase between 75 thousand to one lakh.

Along with this, Cobra commando also gets all other facilities. Such as a house for them to live, food, drink, vehicle, discount on other things etc. So if you are serving the country by becoming a cobra commando, then you will be fully taken care of by the country and you will be given all kinds of facilities.

Cobra commando 

Now when you are selected for the training of cobra commando then you will have to undergo very rigorous training. These trainings range from 3 months to 6 months. In this you will be trained physically and mentally. Many people lose in the middle of training and again go to CRPF, then many people are fired.

Understand that this training goes through a very rigorous test in which you will be taught to participate in almost every type of operation. In this you will be able to learn to do all kinds of things, operate, go through difficult situations and go to Naxal areas etc. So attend the training with full preparation.

What Is Cobra (Cobra Commando)

  1. COBRA Is The Short Form Of ‘Commando Battalion For Resolute Action’.
  2. This Special Force Of CRPF Is Specialized In Guerrilla War Tactics And Jungle Warfare.
  3. It Was Formed In September 2008 To Deal With The Problem Of Naxalism. In The Naxal-Affected Areas Of Mizoram, Chhattisgarh, It Carried Out Such Difficult Operations, Which Shook The Roots Of The Naxalites.
  4. COBRA Is One Of The Most Experienced And Successful Law Enforcement Units In The Country.

History Of Cobra Commando

  • The Cobra Sector Was First Established By Shri K. Started Working Under The Command Of Durga Prasad, IPS, Inspector General, COBRA Sector At Directorate General, CRPF, Central Office Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.
  • Thereafter In March, 2009 The Sector Headquarters Was Shifted To Pushp Vihar, New Delhi And With Effect From 11/11/2009, The CoBRA Sector Headquarters Is Functioning At Old Secretariat, Civil Lines, Delhi-54.
  • Presently Mr. Kamal Kant Sharma Is Heading The Inspector General Of COBRA.

Honor To The Battalion Of Cobra Commando

The Cobra Commando Has Been Awarded With 08 Shaurya Chakra, 01 Kirti Chakra, 06 PPMG, 250 PMG, 189 Parakram Padak, 6 Jeevan Raksha Padak, 13578 Internal Security Medal And 3338 DG Appreciation Disc Decorations And So Far. 54 CoBRA Personnel Have Sacrificed Their Lives In Various Operational Operations.

Achievements Of CoBRA Battalions From 2009 To [current_date]

The Cobra Commando Has Conducted A Total Of 26678 Operations Since 2009, In Which 395 (316 Bodies Recovered) Naxal Insurgents Were Killed, 3207 Arrested And 2479 Naxalites Surrendered To Cobra.

1. Total Operation 26678
2. Killed Naxalites 395 (316 Bodies Recovered)
3. Naxalites Caught 3207
4. Surrender 2479
5. Different Types Of Weapons 1347
6. Captured Ammunition 12689.145 Kg. & 695.6 M Chords
7. Caught IED/Bomb/Grenade 4499
8. Caught Detonators 38003
9. Own Loss 04 Dog And 68 Personnel Martyred

Critical Major Operation

  1. September 17, 2009 – Singamadgu Of Dantewada – 30-40 Maoists Eliminated
  2. January 9, 2010 – Jagargunda Of Dantewada – 4 Maoists Killed, Ultramodern Weapons Including 112 Bore Guns Seized, Books And Photographs Of Maoist Literature Also Found.
  3. 11-15 June 2010 – An Operation Was Carried Out By 8 Teams Of 203 COBRA In The Areas Of PS Sonua And Bandgaon District Of Singhbhum, Jharkhand, In Which All Maoist Camps Were Completely Destroyed And 12 Maoist Activists Allegedly Captured Were Done.
  4. An Operation Was Carried Out By 08 Teams Of 203 COBRA On 11th And 15th June In The Areas Of PS Sonua And Bandgaon District Of West Bengal/Singbhum, Jharkhand, In Which All The Maoist Camps Were Completely Destroyed And Allegedly 12 Maoist Activists Were Ineffective.
  5. 23 November 2016 – 209 CoBRA Battalion Kills 6 Maoists And Recovers A Huge Cache Of Weapons In Latehar District Of Jharkhand. Commandant Pramod Kumar Was Martyred In This Operation, Who Was Posthumously Awarded The Kirti Chakra. Sub Inspector Riyaz Alam Ansari And Assistant Commandant Vikas Jakhar Were Awarded Shaurya Chakra.

How Is Operation All Out?

  1. It Is Difficult To Do Anything In The Jungle. Even If You Have Seen A Little Bit In The Movies, Then It Has To Be Known That The Rules Of The Battle Of The Jungle Are Different. It Is Difficult To Survive There, And Easy To Die. In This Sequence It Is Very Easy To Hide There And Kill Too.
  2. What The Naxalites Take Advantage Of The Most Is Their Hiding And Mines. Therefore Dogs Of The Belgian Melinois Variety Are Used. Those Who Also Help In The Detection Of IED, Remember When Osama Bin Laden Was Also Searched, Belgian Melnois Type Sniffer Dogs Were With Him.
  3. Moreover, Now It Will Not Even Be Smart To Hide In The Drain Or Run Away Through The River, And The Naxalites Used To Do That And Not Kill By Putting An Ambush. Its Bite Is Also With These Commandos.
  4. Now The Bad Days Of Naxalites Are About To Come From The Sky As Well, That The Drones Will Also Be Used. These Naxalites Hanging On The Trees Will Not Be Able To Escape, Because The Mapping Of The Nests Of The Nesting Naxalites Is Also Being Done With Small Drones.
  5. Whether It Is Guerrilla Warfare Or Field Engineering, The Bomb Is Hidden Under The Ground, It Has To Be Defused By Searching, Or Food Is Not Found And The Enemy Has To Survive In The Jungle. Your Commandos Are Fit For Every Situation. They Have Everything From GPS To State-Of-The-Art Weapons.

Cobra Commandos Use Modern Weapons

The Commandos Of This Battalion Are INSAS Rifles, AK Rifles, X-95 Assault Rifle, Glock Pistol, Heckler & Koch MP5 Sub Machine Gun, Carl Gustav Rifle, Electronic Surveillance System, Sniper Team With Dragunov SVD, Mauser SP66, Heckler & Koch MSG- 90 Sniper Rifles And Multi Grenade Launchers Like Ultra Modern Weapons.

Cobra Commando Training

Cobra Commandos Are Trained At The CRPF Elite Jungle Warfare Institutions Located In Belgaum And Koraput. Their Main Focus Remains The Technique Of Facing The Enemy In The Jungle.
This Training Lasts For 3 Months, Only After That The Posting Of Commandos Is Done.

Orderly Formation Of CoBRA Battalions

All The 10 CoBRA Battalions Have Been Formed In A Systematic Manner And Its Functions Were Initiated As Follows:-

Cobra Battalion Installation Site Start Date
1. 201 Battalion Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh) 30/09/2009
2. 202 Battalion Koraput (Odissa) 30/09/2009
3. 203 Battalion Sindri, Jharkhand 31/03/2010
4. 204 Battalion Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh) 31/12/2009
5. 205 Battalion Mokamaghat (Bihar) 31/03/2010
6. 206 Battalion Gadchiroli (Maharashtra) 31/03/2010
7. 207 Battalion Durgapur (West Bengal) 31/12/2010
8. 208 Battalion Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) 31/12/2010
9. 209 Battalion Khunti (Jharkhand) 15/05/2011
10. 210 Battalion Dalgaon (Assam) 31/12/2010

Functions of Cobra Commando

Now when you become a cobra commando, your job will be different. Normally CRPF is deployed in Naxal areas and they deal with them. But if it is a big Naxalite operation or any similar plan, then they are operated by Cobra commandos. Cobra commandos are famous for eliminating Naxalites in a jiffy.

Cobra Commando

Along with this, they are also used in many other operations. For example, if a terrorist or a Naxalite has taken people hostage, then the people of the special unit of the army are called for that, then only the Cobra commandos are the main ones. In a way, the role of Cobra commandos is considered to be the main in all the main operations conducted by the army inside the country of India.

Some Special Features Of Cobra Commando

  1. The Cobra Commando’s Style Of Fighting Enemies Has Now Reached Abroad.
  2. This Is The Reason That They Are Teaching The Virtues Of Gorilla Warfare To The Forces Of America, Russia And Israel Representing The World’s Major Armies.
  3. Every Year Or Six Months, The Commandos Of The CoBRA Unit Go To The Foreign Forces For Training.
  4. The Main Target Of The Cobra Force Is To Kill The Naxalites By Driving Them Inside The Forest, So That The Civilians Living Nearby Do Not Suffer. Also, People Living Under The Influence Of Naxalites Could Not Join Them.
  5. Catch Alive So That The Camp Can Be Destroyed : The Second Feature Of The CoBRA Commandos Is That They Try To Catch Most Of The Naxalites Alive, So That The Entire Camp Can Be Destroyed By Taking Information About The Group Hidden Inside The Forest.
  6. Mastery In Gorilla War: The Sharp Style Of Cobra Commando Is Gorilla War. Under This, The Commandos Target The Naxalites By Climbing Trees Or By Ambushing In The Bushes Throughout The Night. Commandos Move From Tree To Tree In The Forest In Seconds. For Security Reasons, Some Properties Of The CoBRA Commandos Cannot Be Made Public.
  7. Cobra Commandos Are One Of The 8 Specialized Forces Of India, Which Are Given Full Training To Fight In All Kinds Of Situations. They Also Have Hi-Tech Weapon Systems And The Latest Technology.

How to become a Cobra Commando – FAQs

Q: Who can join Cobra Commando?

Answer: Only Indian Army and CRPF personnel can join CoBRA commandos.

Q: What is the job of cobra commando?

Answer: The job of the CoBRA commandos is to protect the country internally and make the country’s important military operation successful.

Question: How much education does one have to do to become a commando?

Answer: To become a commando you just have to pass class 12th.

Question: Which is the biggest commando?

Answer: The largest commando in the Indian Army is the Cobra commando.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a clan that has a sense of community, then Cobra Commando may be the perfect clan for you. Membership is free and there are regular events organized by the clan members.