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Hello friends today in this post what is Glide Typing (What is Glide Typing), I am telling about it, so stay tuned till the end of this post, after that you too will definitely know about your Glide Typing.

After the arrival of smart phones, the use of online chatting apps like WhatsApp and Facebook has increased a lot, and nowadays everyone has started using WhatsApp and Facebook, so now many people live online at the same time and we have to interact with many people many times. Have to chat together.

While chatting online, our Typing speed should be good to reply Fast to many people, only then we can chat with more than 1 person simultaneously, many Keyboards to increase Fast Typing user experience and Fast Typing Provide many features to help users so that users can do Fast Typing using them, so let’s know what is Glide Typing.

What is Glide Typing?

Glide means to slide in Hindi, and with the help of Glide Typing, we do typing by sliding our finger in our mobile keyboard. And many times Glide Typing helps us a lot in Fast Typing.

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If we have to type anything in our mobile, then we open the keyboard in our mobile and press the buttons one after the other in the keyboard and write whatever we want to write. But while doing Glide Typing, it is exactly the opposite and we do not need to press each button in Glide Typing, whatever we want to write, we just have to swipe our finger on our keyboard.

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To do Glide Typing, we have to move our finger from one button to another without lifting it, so that whatever we want to type or write is written, in this way we can type with the help of Glide Typing. After pressing the button, you can save the time of lifting your finger again and pressing another button again.

google gboard

Google has created a new keyboard app named Gboard, in which all other keyboards of Google have been kept together, as well as it has been launched with many such features which are not in the Google Indic keyboard. For example – in this you can use Google search and Google translate directly from your keyboard. It includes Urdu, Maithili along with 22 Indian languages ​​with transliteration support, whereas Google Indic keyboard had only 11 languages.

how to type in a language without knowing it

Its biggest and special feature is that you can type in any language absolutely correctly and without making any grammar mistake. It doesn’t matter whether you know that language or not. All you need to do after installing it is to turn on the translate option in the keyboard settings and select your language.

In this, buttons have been given in the keyboard to copy, cut and paste, which were not there in Google Indic keyboard. With Google’s new keyboard, Gboard, you can resize the screen as per your convenience and change its location.
It also has Glide typing, Handwriting mode and Gesture cursor control.

Computer shortcut keys
Computer shortcut keys

ou can install and use Gboard – the Google keyboard app by following the steps below, this app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times. Google Indic keyboard has been downloaded 100 million times so far.

  1. Download Gboard – Enable by installing Gboard from Play StoreFirst of all go to Google Play Store and search for “Gboard”. Install and open the app Gboard – the Google Keyboard created by Google LLC . Step 1 screen will appear in front of you as soon as Gboard app is open, there click on ENABLE IN SETTINGS button and enable Gboard.
  2. Select Input MethodStep 2 Click on SELECT INPUT METHOD button on the screen and choose Gboard then click on Done.
  3. Select KeyboardsAs soon as you click on Done, the setting menu of Gboard will appear in front of you. There, by clicking on Languages, enable Input Keyboards related to your language with the ADD KEYBOARD button, and then this step will be completed as soon as you click on Done.
  4. hindi typing in android mobile phoneTo type Hindi in Android mobile phone from English keyboard, Hindi (abc – Hindi) keyboard has to be enabled. To change the language on the keyboard, click on the space or globe button. Click on the three dots button or settings to directly translate in any language, search, options or change theme.