5 Cheap and Best Domain Name Registrars 


If you have a great idea for a website, then the first thing you need to do is to choose a TLD (Top Level Domain). So how to choose the best and cheap domain registrar?

What most internet users do is that they buy the domain only from whom they buy hosting. But it is not a rule that your domain registrar and host should be the same, but you will get the best results individually.

 If you find a great host somewhere and a great domain registrar somewhere, you need to stick to your guns with them. It also has a security advantage, that if someone gets access to your hosting account, your domain will be safe again.

Cheap and good domain registrars are discussed on the Internet, and people usually choose the same trend, which seems plausible or which your competitors choose. Finding a great domain name registrar can be a daunting task – which one should you choose? 

Who has the best mix of pricing, services and support? etc., but not if someone is going to guide you.

 This article has been specially written so that you can know about the cheapest and best domain registrars at this time. Below are the 5 best and cheapest domain names registrar, which will provide you quality performance and support a cheap deal.

Where to Buy Inexpensive Domain Names?



With.com domain Starting at just $9.99/year, Domain.com is the cheapest domain names registration service. It is one of the most popular choice for domain name registration. From .mobi domains for $2.99/year to .net and .org domains available for $8.99/year, Domain.com is the best value for money domain name registrar. 

Domain.com has many offers at their lowest prices. At this time Domain.com offers these payment options: Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.


Dirty Domain Name

ShoutMyDomain which is a part of Shoutmeloud has something to offer you which can be a great advantage for you. ShoutMyDomain has received great reviews from its users and it offers cheap domain name registration and that too with great support. 

Their pricing starts at $10.99/year for .com domain, $4.94/year for .biz domain, $6.04/year for .org domain. ShoutMyDomain offers great host for local domains, and you must visit it once if you want an extended host with domain options, and localization for a bargain deal. 

Specially, for Indian residents, ShoutMyDomain domain payment is offered by Netbanking and for international users the best available payment option is Paypal. With every domain registration you will get 2 free email address and free who.is guard.


Name domain service

Name.com is an industry standard cheap domain name registration company. With .com, .net and .org domain registration starting from $10.99, they have great support to offer, cheap registration and they also have experience in this field to host your domain. 

Name.com is not the cheapest, but they have flexible pricing plans and personable customer support. Name.com also offers a service called “Domain Nabber” that can grab expired domains relevant to your business. Pricing is high for expired domain names, but this allows you to choose one of the best names for your next online venture.


Namecheap Domain

View pricing and plans.

Namecheap is another popular choice for buying a domain name. With .com domain names priced at $10.69/year, and .net and .org domains at $11.48/year, they are decently cheap domain registrars. Service and support are great, and you’ll get the host’s features along with them. 

They just have only one additional fee, 18 cents which is the one year registration fee of ICANN. Namecheap is famous for its Twitter and Facebook contests, where they offer domain names at the cheapest price for a particular period of time. Namecheap is also considered as one of the best alternative to GoDaddy domains.


Godaddy Domains

You can say – daddy of all domain registrars! He is the most controversial domain registrar on the planet and his controversy seems to find a way with him every now and then. After the major failure in 2012, GoDaddy somehow managed to regain its reputation. 

GoDaddy reduced the cost of .com to $1.99 per year, but in reality it costs $10 for the first year and $15 for subsequent years, these are many additional hidden prices. 

They are still the leader among domain name registrars and there is no reason why you shouldn’t see what they have to offer.

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You may have heard the name of Namesilo for the first time but it is one of the top 15 domain providers in the world. According to the data so far, they have more than 3 million domain names active.

I have also bought domain from Namesilo and now I have 3 domains registered here.

Namesilo is a great domain provider from here you can buy domain very cheaply.

If you want to buy a cheap domain then this is a great website which gives you WHOIS privacy for free.

Namesilo Advantages

  • Its pricing model is very simple.
  • There are no hidden charges, the price which is shown is taken as much.
  • Like other domain registrars, extra charges are not taken in the name of ICANN fee.
  • Like Godaddy, charges are not increased at the time of renewal.
  • WHOIS Privacy is absolutely free with every domain.
  • If you want to use DNS management and Parking, it is also free.
  • Buying domain name from Namesilo is very easy, no confusion of any kind is created.
  • Like other sites, while buying a domain, it does not bother you by offering a lot of services.

You can buy .com domain from here for just $9.95. The renewal rate is also the same.

If you buy domain from below link or use coupon code “webinhindi” then you will get extra 1$ discount .

That is, from here you can take a domain for only $ 8.95 and also WHOIS will be available in Privacy Free.


Dynadot company was started in 2002, its headquarter is in California. It is growing very well and till now it has made customers in 108 countries.

The goal of this company is to provide domain name to the customer at a reasonable price and provide good customer service.

This is also a great option to buy cheap domains.

Dynadot Advantages

  • Its most important thing is that its pricing is very transparent.
  • Its interface is very easy and simple
  • Domain Privacy Free है
  • Does not create confusion by recommending many services


Namecheap is a very famous website in terms of domain name registration. This company was started in 2000, its headquarter is in California.

It is an ICANN-accredited company that is trusted for domain registration. From here you can buy domains cheaply.


Here the price of .com domain is $8.88 for 1 year and $12.98 will have to be paid for the next renewal.

Namecheap Advantages:

There are also some advantages of buying a domain from Namecheap such as:

  • Namecheap provides you high quality domain and hosting at low cost.
  • It does not bother with unwanted upselling and aggressive advertising.
  • You get WHOIS Guard privacy absolutely free for lifetime.
  • Provides free email service for 2 months.
  • Free DNSSEC Security is provided for security.

It also provides hosting service but we have never used it, so we do not recommend its hosting.



You must have known about Godaddy, nowadays a lot of advertisement is being done by it on TV channels. This is a very popular domain registrar company.

Although it is a very good company for the domain, but there are some reasons due to which users can get confused and upset like:

  • From here you can buy domain cheaply but the problem is that at the time of renewal you have to pay very high charges.
  • You have to pay more than the price shown to you because taxes and other fees are added.
  • Domain privacy and email have to be charged separately.
  • While buying a domain, it recommends many services, which can confuse new users and cost more money in the name of extra service.

You will get .com domain from here for around 600 rupees, while for renewal you may have to spend more than 1000 rupees.

Bonus: Great Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name Registrar

  1. Thoroughly consider pricing and value.
  2. Make sure you are going with an ICANN-registered registrar.
  3. Check out Hidden fees and Transferring or releasing etc.
  4. Check whether you are getting any Email accounts / Email forwarders or not.
  5. Consider add-on services such as free who.is guard.
  6. Check the policy of Domain Transfer. For example, many registrars such as GoDaddy allow you to transfer domains from outside GoDaddy for 60 days.

So which domain registrar are you going to use to buy domain names? If you are using any other domain name service then let me know through comments.

Any question? Advice? Request? anything else ? Please comment.