Difference between factors and multiples


Mathematics could be a game of numbers, wherever we tend to study range, its varieties and therefore the ideas with reference to it. Arithmetic is that branch of arithmetic that focuses on properties and manipulation of numbers. Factors and multiples area unit 2 key ideas studied along in arithmetic, at the elementary level. An element could be a range that leaves no remainder behind when it divides the precise range.

On the contrary, multiple could be a range reached by multiplying a given range by another. Whereas factors of variety area unit area unit finite, multiples area unit infinite. At first instance, these 2 seem alike; however there are a unit variety of variations between factors and multiples, that we’ve got explained during this article.

Comparison of factors and multiples in tabular form:

comparison factors multiples
meaning Factor refers to a particular divisor of the given range. Multiple alludes to the result we tend to get, once we multiply a given range by another range.
What is it? It could be a range which will be increased to urge another range. It’s a product obtained once multiplying the amount by Associate in Nursing number.
Number of factors/multiples Finite Infinite
outcome Less than or adequate the given range. Bigger than or adequate the given range.
Operation used Division Multiplication


Definition of factors:

The term ‘factors’ is employed to mean the ranges that divide the given number utterly, i.e. while not going a remainder. E.g. a pair of is one in all the numerous factors of eight since on dividing eight by a pair of, we tend to get four and doesn’t leave any remainder. The opposite factors of eight that square measure one, 4 and 8.

Further, factors square measure what one will multiply with another range, to induce the specified range. There’s a minimum of 2 factors of each range, i.e. one and therefore the range itself.

To find out factors of a given range, you would like to spot the ranges that equally divide that individual number. And to try and do thus, begin right from #1, because it is that the issue of each range.

Definition of Multiples:

In arithmetic, the merchandise of 2 whole numbers is outlined because the multiple of the numbers. E.g. a pair of 2× 4 = eight i.e. eight may be a multiple of two and four. Additionally to the present, for a given range, multiple may be a range, which will be divided by the given range specifically; it doesn’t leave any remainder at the top.

There is without stopping of multiples of a given range. Every and each range may be a multiple of zero and itself.

Main difference between factors and multiples:

Factors are delineate as a listing of numbers, every of that, fully divides a given variety, i.e. it’s an ideal divisor of variety. On the opposite hand, multiples will be understood because the lists of varieties that are literally the product of that exact number.

Factor may be a variety that may be increased with a specific variety to get another variety. Conversely, multiples are the merchandise that is reached when multiplying the amount by associate whole number.

The variety of things of a specific number is proscribed, however {the variety the amount the quantity} of multiples of a given number is endless.

Factors are either but for up to the particular variety. In contrast to multiples, that are bigger than or up to the given variety.

The operation used for getting factors of a specific variety is division. As opposed, the operation used for obtaining multiples of variety is multiplication.