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Android Studio is such a tool for android app development, by which we can create an Android app and get its Apk in Output, can desine android app, do not even need Xml to design an android app, if you are programming in Xml It is also good if you come, but you will need Java Programming , but is a Non Programmer tutorial of Android app development, in which you can do programming in mechanical style, which means that all the parts will be in front of us and they will be shown to us. Have to assemble which will be very easy


In today’s time, Android mobile phone is the most prevalent, at least 90% of the people in the whole world use Android mobile phone and for this reason Android Apps are also the most used in the whole world.

The popularity of Android app is so much that at least 90% of people in the whole world run Android App, due to which many people became millionaires by making Android App. If you see, MX Player , Instagram , Whatsapp , PUBG Game has created panic all over the world today.

So today in this post we will learn how to become an Android Developer, but before becoming an Android developer, it is very important to know who is an Android App Developer. So that we can decide whether we want to become an Android App Developer or not?

Main Component

Things You Will Need for Android App Development

  1. Computer
  2. Android Studio
  3. Java Programming (Optional)
  4. Xml Programming ((Optional)
  5. Java Update

Android app Development Tutorial Index

This article is the first page of Android App Development on, which has the introduction of Android Studio, just below is the index which is empty now (except button tutorial and how to make apk), link will be added to it when you write in the comment. “Yes, we need such tutorials” on which you will be able to know about them by clicking

  • Install Android Studio
  • UI Widgets
  • Button
  • Toast
  • CheckBox
  • Spinner
  • Sensor Tutorial
  • Sensor Tutorial
  • Device Connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • Internet
  • Wi-Fi
  • Generate Apk

Install Android Studio

In Install Android Studio, you will be told how to download and install Android Studio, by the way, you have come on this tutorial to make Android app, then you must know how to install Softwares, even then I will upload this also in my new computer. I will install it then I will take screen shot which I will upload

First Information page

First Information page – In the First Information page, you will get information about those things which happen in android studio and we have to do and how to do it.

UI Widgets

There will be a tutorial of User Interface in UI widgets, in which there are things which are used by seeing and touching the app like Button, Mike, Progressive bar etc.

All these are the basic requirements of an Android app, which are important to know, from all these we can create an Android App for our Arduino, its Progress will be Daily, that is, Regular links will be added to this index, you will save this page website Do and keep refreshing.

so that new link will be added to this index, with the help of all these, any student or hobbyist of any field can easily create Android App, if anything else is needed in this index, then we can make it Will also add thanks for reading this tutorial,.

by the way this is just Outline tutorial, you will find it in main tutorial index, in which articles will now be written, share this page on facebook and other social media.

Android App Design and Development Steps

To create an app , a website will be required whose name is ” AppsGeyser “. This website gives the facility to create and download the App for free. You can also earn money by making an App from this website.  You can go to the website by searching his name in Google . How to make an app from this website is explained below.

[1] Some such interface will be seen in the website.

how to make android app

[2] First click on Create app .

[3] Two options will be available in the next page. If you want to earn money after creating an App, then select Create App to Earn or if you have a business that you want to grow and do not want to earn by running Ads, then select Create App to Grow .

how to make your own Android app

[4] Now more options will come. In the Business tab, there are options to create Business website, Youtube Channel, Facebook Page, Text Page for those who want to create a website with poetry or jokes, HTML Code or PDF for those who know Coding . This tab is to grow the business, not to earn money.


[5] When you select from Individual tab then money can be earned from it. In this tab, you can create Apps for Website, Video Call , Messenger, Web Browser, Wallpaper(Live wallpaper), Photo Editor, Media/Music Player etc. Apart from this, you can also create Video App, Quiz App, Mobile TV App, How-to Guide or any Game like Tiktok, Likee.

how to make Android app on play store

[6] We have selected to create Website App in Individual tab. In which now you have to enter the URL of the website then click on Next . ( Keep in mind that if that website is yours in the website option then only you will be able to earn money from it )

how to make Android app

[7] After this the Color Scheme has to be selected, if the color of the website is to be used, then do not select anything, because it remains set by default. Just click Next bar.

how to earn money from app

[8] After this select the Layout of the App , whether to keep Slider or Bottom Menu or Tabs, then select the Next option given below.


[9] After this give a name to the App  . Keep the name short and keep something different so that it can be remembered easily, this increases branding. Then click on Next .


[10] Now the icon of that App has to be selected, you can also keep the website icon or upload Custom Icon. After that click on Next .


[11] After this only you have to click on CREATE , and your App will start to be created.


[12] Now you have to sign up with your Gmail ID or Facebook ID to Test, Use or Download this App . If you want, you can also sign up by creating your Business Email and a Password.


[13] After this  the Dashboard of your AppsGeyser account will open. Where you will find the icon of Download above, click on it.


[14] After this, to get yourself, you can either enter the email ID to get it in the email or you can select the option with .apk in Download it directly or scan the QR code given below. Can also download.

How to make an App from Computer

If you have a computer available then there are many websites to make an app from it such as TheAppBuilder, Appy Pie, AppMachine, GameSalad, BiznessApps and AppMakr etc. Apart from these, you can also make an App in the above mentioned way, all the steps are the same.

Also, if you have knowledge of Coding, then it will be icing on the cake, because with the help of Coding, you can make an App as you want. If you want to know that Coding Se App Kaise Banate Hain, then we have told about it in the end.

How to make Apple iPhone (iOS) App

If you have Apple’s iPhone, then  AppyPie App maker is  an easy to use website to make iOS Operating System App for it. With the help of this website, an App can be made without coding. Later that App can also be edited, and money can also be earned from it. 

The complete process of making Apple iPhone (iOS) App from this website is explained below.

Step 1 :- First of all click on the link of AppyPie website.

Step 2 : – After this click on Get Started .

How to make iOS App

Step 3 : – Now enter the name of your App in the new page and click on Next .

How to make iPhone App

Step 4 : – After this select the category of the App to be created.

Earning app kaise banaye

Step 5 : – Now select its Color Scheme .

how to earn money from app

Step 6 : – After this it will be asked to create an account, here click on Save & Continue .

App kaise banaya jata hai

Step 7 : – Now sign up by entering Email and Password or with Google Account .

How to make your own app

Step 8 : – After that design that app and customize it and then save it .

how to make new app

Friends, this website is Paid , it takes some money to make iPhone (iOS) App. That’s why before installing the App from this website, do check its pricing. If you have money then only you can make an App from this website.

Features of Mobile Apps

You can do the work done by computer program from mobile device, this is the biggest feature of mobile app. And due to other similar features, mobile apps are popular among users.

Ease of use: Mobile apps are easier to operate than computer programs. Because Graphical User Interface (GUI) is used to develop them . Which syncs well with the touchscreen. That’s why even a normal user can run them easily.

Special feature: Compared to computer programs, some special additional features are also made available in mobile apps. Like voice command.


Small size: The size of mobile apps is very small, so there is no problem in running them even if there is less memory in the smartphone.

Easy Availability: Mobile apps are more easily available than computer programs. Because they are made available by the mobile service provider through the App Store. From where these apps can be downloaded and used safely.

More secure: Because they are made available through the App Store. That’s why mobile apps are more secure and reliable than computer software. Because the App Store manufacturer gets the apps listed in the App Store only after all the necessary security provisions have already been made on their behalf.

Faster: The working efficiency of the mobile app is also much faster.

Distribution of mobile apps

Mobile apps are not made available through websites like computer software. Rather, their access is ensured through a dedicated app store.

Mobile Service Providers (MSP) make this service available to the users through their respective app stores. However, some private app stores can also be downloaded by changing a few settings.

Some Popular Mobile App Stores

Google Play Store: This is a well-known and popular app store. Which is made by Google for Android devices. Apps and games for all types of Android devices can be downloaded from here.  

App Store (iOS): This app store is owned by Apple Inc. Started by. Which is made for iOS devices. Apps for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. can be downloaded from here.

Microsoft Store: This app store is developed by Tech Giant Microsoft for Microsoft devices. From here apps are available for both computer and mobile devices.

Amazon App Store: This app store was launched by e-commerce company Amazon for the purpose of providing apps for some of its special devices Amazon Fire, Kindle etc.

Samsung Apps: Samsung App Store has been started by Samsung company. But, this is also for Android devices, so it does not have much popularity in front of Play Store.

Opera Mobile Store: It is an independent app store from where apps can be downloaded for devices like Android, Java, iOS, Symbian, Windows, Blackberry etc.

Getjar: This is a private app store.

9Apps: This is also a popular app store. From where apps and games can be downloaded. This also like Play Store, by being installed in the user’s device, the apps management work is done in an efficient way.

How to download mobile app

Downloading mobile apps is very easy. You do not need to complete much formalities like computer software. They can be downloaded by following just a few easy steps.

  1. First of all go to your App Store.
  2. Now search by typing the name or keyword of the app or game in the search box.
  3. When you get the desired app, tap on that app.
  4. Now download the app by tapping on the Install button.
  5. After the app is completely downloaded. It will be automatically installed in your mobile.

Different types of mobile app

Mobile apps can be divided mainly into three types according to their usefulness.

  1. Native Apps
  2. Hybrid Apps
  3. Web-Based Apps

Native Apps: These apps are developed for only one operating system or device. Like, the apps developed for iPhone can be run only in iPhone, they cannot be run in other smartphones. That is, they are not compatible for other devices. These apps are very fast and give the user a better user experience with quality.

Hybrid App: It is clear from its name that these apps are developed for more than one mobile platform/device. These apps are developed using web-based technology and the same code is developed to be compatible for multiple devices. Means an app can run on iPhone as well as can run on other devices as well.

Web-Based Apps: These apps are made using HTML , CSS and JavaScript techniques. Their size is very light but their performance is less than that of native apps. But you can access them only with the help of web browser .

How much money can Android App Developer make?

How much money Android app developers earn : If we talk about the earning of a successful Android app developer, a successful Android app developer earns lakhs of rupees every month but it depends on the quality of that person’s android app and over his idea.


In today’s time, you will find an android app on every idea, so what matters the most here is how your idea is, if your idea is more unique and can help more people, then you can also become a millionaire with one of your Android apps. Can

Therefore, before making an Android app, think that what is the problem that you can solve with your Android app, if you succeed in doing so, then you too can become a millionaire by making an Android app.

Android App Developer How Can Earn If you like this post of ours, then share it with your friends so that they can also become an Android app developer and if you have any question in your mind that you want to ask, then you can ask by pressing the message button.

The Main AIM of all these is to make an Android app for Arduino, so that we can control our Robots and Home Automation from the Android app , for this we will make an Android app in Android Studio, first of all, we will make an app for Bluetooth and Wifi, web i.e. Home automation system will be prepared using Arduino’s wifi-Shield and then using the Internet.

How to earn money from App

Friends, when we create an App, we have a purpose behind it, such as to grow business, gain customers or earn money from that created App. If your aim is also to earn money from that app, then there are some tips for this which we have given below.

Google Adsense

If you have converted your own website or Youtube Channer into an App or have created a Tool App or any other App in which only your copyright is there, then you can monetize it with Google Adsense. With this, Google’s Ads will be visible in that App and you will get money by clicking on those Ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be a good tool to earn money from any app if you use it wisely. In Affiliate Marketing you have to sell a product. If that product gets sold then you get a commission.

Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Hostinger and BigRock also run Affiliate Programs in India. Just by participating in those programs, add the links of their products to your App and earn money.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to make 1.Video app

Answer:- To make Video app

[1] First go to AppsGyser website.

[2] Click on Create App.

[3] After this go to the Individual tab.

[4] Scroll down and select Video App.

[5] Design and publish your App.

How to make 2.Professional app

Answer:-  If you have to make a Proffesional app then Coding is mandatory for this. Only Unprofessional Apps can be made from App making Websites, but with the help of Coding the best App can be made. Which you will design yourself.

3.How to make Android App

Answer:- Visit website to create an android app. After this, scroll down and enter the link of your Website or Youtube Channel in the given box. Then click on Get Started.

4. How to make an app on Play Store

Answer:-  To make an app on Play Store, a Developer Account has to be opened, in which the fee of $25 is charged only once. Then you can publish as many Apps as you want. Create and Publish Apps in the mentioned ways.


We told you many ways to make Apps . Hope you have made your favorite app and installed and published it. How did you like this article of ours  App Kaise Banaye , tell us by commenting. 

Apart from this, if there is any problem then also tell him. Also, if you like the article, do not forget to share it on social media.