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That’s why in today’s article, we will tell you 11 Best Agency Business Ideas , which you can start from today and make lakhs of rupees in a few years. Will start earning. 


And yes, below every agency business idea, we have also told about earning, investment and necessary skills so that you are aware that starting which business will cost you and how much will you get every month on that cost? 

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10 Best Agency Business Ideas

online advertising agency 

The job of an online advertising agency is to provide marketing related services to its clients. With this, the client’s business reaches maximum target audience and as their sales increase, business turnover also increases.  

Explain that online advertising agency provides many types of services to its clients such as marketing, advertising decision making, designing of advertisement, preparation of marketing campaign, choosing the right platform to reach the target audience and what about marketing strategy. Results are being received, analyze it.

  • How much will be earned every month in this business – Rs 19-27 lakh. 
  • Which skills will be required-   Self-motivation skills, Writing and research skills, Business skills. 
  • How much investment will have to be made – around Rs 15 lakh. 

E-Commerce Marketing Agency

E-commerce marketing agencies help online sellers (clients) reach their business targets through their marketing skills, technology and design.

Starting your own e-commerce agency is one of the ever lasting business ideas .   

If you want to get into this business, then for this you have to focus on the current trend and also focus on improving your digital skills. 

  • How much can be earned – 1.2 crores annually
  • What skills will be needed – For this you should have technology based skill, self motivation skill, writing research skill, customer service skill. 
  • How much investment will have to be made – around Rs 8.5 lakh
  • What is the business model – Consulting

Travel Agency

If you start a travel agency business, you will be able to coordinate tourists with travel suppliers and provide tour related services such as accommodation, transit, sightseeing, tour guides, local adventures, etc. You can withdraw your commission in between for 

Starting an internet based travel business is much easier than you are thinking. 

To start a travel agency business, you will need to do market research, along with necessary qualifications such as IATA (International Air Transport Association) number, and analyze your competition.

Have to make a good website. Along with this, effective marketing strategy will also have to be adopted.  

Usually b2b travel agency gets more than 150 clients for investment.  

To start a business, you will have to spend money on getting a license, marketing and travel software.  

To increase your profit in this business, you have to ask for some discount from the service supplier of this industry so that you can earn commission by selling their service to your customer. 

  • How much will be earned annually – 4 lakh 45 thousand rupees. 
  • What is Business Module- Consulting 

Digital Agency 

Digital agency is such work in which assistance has to be given in the advertising, marketing or technological matters of the company. 

Please tell that if any person has the zeal and enthusiasm to start this business, then he can easily get success in this business. 

If you have the necessary skills and equipment, then you can start this business. 

The market value of digital agency in the year 2020 is Rs 24,864,164,250. What happened? Because in today’s time, more and more people take information through digital means and the entire audience has come online. 

It is estimated that the business of digital marketing agency will grow even faster in the coming times. 

  • How much will be earned from this business annually – Rs 1.2 crore. 
  • Which skills will be needed – Writing and research skills, Customer service skills, Designing skills, SEO skills, Coding skills 
  • How much will it cost – Rs 26 lakh (About)

Recruitment Agency (HR consultancy)

Have you ever thought of opening a recruitment agency?

You can earn very well from this business. 

Because opening a recruitment agency is the best online business idea . 

The work of a recruitment agency is mainly to provide jobs to its customers. But once they do, they realize that this is just the beginning of what they expect to be a prosperous firm.    

To assess how much success you will get in this business, you should find out what the customer has to say about your recruitment agency. Review what benefits they are getting.  

  • How much can be earned from this business every month – Rs 1.1 lakh to 4.5 lakh. 
  • Which skills will be required- Customer service skill, communication skill and reliability skill. 
  • How much investment can come – Rs 49 lakh. 

Event Management Agency

Be it a conference, a wedding, or a gathering. An event management company manages all the details before, during and after these events.   

By overseeing personnel, budget and vendor connections, the event management company brings event ideas to life. 

Within a few years, the demand for event management service will increase by 18%.     

If you enjoy planning social and business events, then starting an event management agency can be one of the best business ideas for you.  

You will get new people in this business, so the number of people in your network will increase. Along with increasing your income, event management business will also develop your creative potential. 

Knowledge and Experience Required to Start an Event Management Business Determine your event planning market or target audience before seeking experience. 

To ensure your success in this business, build a large network and gather all the necessary resources.  

  • How much can be earned from this business – 21 lakh per month. 
  • Which skills will be needed – skill to persuade, flexibility in work, IT and social media skills. 
  • How much investment can be made – Rs 4-7 lakh (approx)

Real Estate Management Agency

In real estate marketing firm of real estate sector, you will be in charge of marketing and planning for the customer. 

In this business, you may have to do things like creating social media pages and doing market research.

To get success in this industry, you have to keep capable people with you who have good marketing skills. 

If you have all the necessary talent to do real estate business, then opening a real estate marketing company in this sector can be a very good idea for you. 

  • How much will be earned annually – 8-50 lakh rupees. 
  • What skills will be needed for this – advertising skills, sourcing, screening, organizing. 
  • How much will be spent in this business – Rs 5.6 lakh. 

Insurance Agency Business 

According to insurance data, this business is growing very fast. And it will continue to flourish in the future as well.  

Insurance industry is becoming a big business due to good interest rates, high investment income and steady economic expansion.    

Additionally, during the pandemic, insurance companies accepted investments in technical and operational improvements, a decision that has contributed to the success of the industry. 

Maybe you want to leave your 9am to 5pm job as an insurance agent and start a new life of self-employment or maybe you are thinking of changing careers and think That would be a good option to do insurance field business.   

Starting an insurance company can be the best business idea for many reasons. 

But setting up an insurance company is not an easy task.   

Make sure that you have enough stake, then put all your efforts to take this business forward. 

  • How many rupees every month from this business? Can be earned – 7 lakh rupees. 
  • What skills will be required for this –   self-motivation skill, customer skill, skill to persuade. 
  • How much investment will have to be done – around Rs.4 lakh. 

SEO Agency 

f you do not know about this Agency Business Ideas, then let us tell you that any organization or form that provides search engine optimization service to a company is called SEO agency.

The work of an SEO agency is mainly to rank any business website on the search engine and bring targeted customers to that website.  

Employees working in SEO agency earn in lakhs and this earning increases year by year with experience, so this sector is growing very fast.

If you enter this business before the competition increases in this industry, then it will help you to build a good foundation and your chances of success will also increase.

By the way, starting an SEO agency is not a difficult task, you can start it easily. 

  • How much will be earned from this business every month – Rs 2.86 lakh – 7.5 lakh. 
  • How much investment will have to be made in total – about Rs. 1 lakh. 

What is SEO?

SEO is a method by which the website is ranked on the first page of Google . In Search Engine Optimization , we optimize our website according to different SEO Factors , due to which the ranking of the website increases in SERP .  

So there is an organic way in which we optimize the content of our website and website according to many SEO factors. Which helps Google to understand the website better, to do Crawling and Indexing and to give Ranking . And because of all this, the ranking of the website increases .

Search Engine Optimization – You must be knowing to some extent from the name itself that in this we optimize our website according to the search engine . And you have to understand the meaning of search engine as Google, I have already told you this.

Means in simple language, we have to optimize our website according to Google ‘s Ranking Factors , SEO Factors , which increases the ranking of the website. And when the website will rank on the first page, then Organic Traffic will also start coming to the site.

Explain in one line, SEO is done to improve the ranking of the website and to rank on the first page .

What is the Full Form of SEO ? 

The full  form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Why SEO is important for website?

If you consider this as an example , if you have a shop, but if no customer comes and none of your goods are sold, then what would be the use of having a shop? Your answer would be, not at all!

In the same way, when you create a website and work on it, then what will be your main objective, not only that visitors come to your website, many people come and see your blog. But if no visitors come then will you be able to get any benefit from your website. not at all!

Now this is the work of SEO . SEO is a method by which the website is ranked on the first page of Google, which brings organic traffic to the website.

Now let me ask you a question. Whenever you search something on Google, do you visit page 3,4 after page 2 ? Must not be doing at all. Even hardly you would go to page 2 of Search Result . Most people go to the top 5-6 websites of Ranking Website on Page 1 and exit after getting the answer to their searched query .

So you just think that when visitors after searching anything in Google do not even go to page 2 after page 1, then if your website does not rank on first page of Google then how people will see your blog, on your website How will people come

That is why SEO is important for any website so that by doing proper SEO of the website, the website can be ranked on the first page of Google . So that more and more Organic Traffic comes on the website and the traffic of the website can increase .

Hope! Now you must have understood very well that what is SEO and why it is needed.

What are the benefits of doing SEO? 

  • There are many benefits of doing SEO of Blog, let’s see some important benefits.
  • By doing SEO, the website can be ranked on the first page in the Search Engine Result Page .
  • By doing SEO, the Organic Traffic of the website increases. And more and more people visit our website .
  • Doing SEO increases the authority of your website . When you do SEO, the value of your website increases in the eyes of Google. Which helps to rank your article quickly. And when we also create Social Media Presence of our website, then the authority of our website increases even more.
  • The Trust Ratio of the website increases. When you do SEO of the website in a proper way and your website ranks on the first position of Google . So Google’s trust on your website increases due to which the articles published on your website are ranked quickly because by doing Proper SEO, your website can be ranked on the first position of Google and in this way Google’s trust on your website goes on. Is. And its advantage is seen in the ranking.
  • By doing SEO, the website becomes user friendly . And provides a good experience to the user . And the more the website is User Friendly, the more it will help your website to rank .

Types of SEO

There are mainly 3 types of SEO. On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and Technical SEO. According to all three types of SEO, it is very important to optimize our website so that the website can rank on the first page. So let’s understand them one by one.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is a method by which we work on the internal factors of the website. Meaning we have to optimize the Webpages of our website with many Techniques  .

There are many activities of On Page SEO through which we have to optimize our website.

To tell in simple language, in On Page SEO, we have to write SEO Friendly Article and optimize the content with our Targeted Keyword. And work has to be done on many similar activities like working on Meta Tags and Optimizing.

On Page, by the name itself, to some extent you must be understanding that in this we work on the page of our website. Now when I will tell you about many activities of On Page SEO, then you will understand On Page SEO better.

How to do On – Page SEO

So let us know about some On Page SEO Technique by following which we can do On Page SEO of our website and blog.


Keyword Research

The most important thing to start On – Page SEO is Keyword Research. You can also say that On Page SEO starts with keyword research.

The better you do Keyword Research, the better your On – Page SEO will be. Because I have already told you that in On Page SEO , we have to optimize our article and meta tags and many other factors through our Targeted Keywords.

So the better you do Keyword Research, the better and better your On – Page SEO will be.

While doing Keyword Research, we have to keep many things in mind. Like how to choose your Focus Keywords. Selecting LSI Keywords, selecting Long Tail Keywords, and many more are very important to keep in mind.

Write SEO Friendly Article

After doing Keyword Research, you have to write SEO Friendly Article. If you write SEO Friendly Articles and optimize them properly, then the chances of ranking your blog increases to a great extent. Because you must have heard that Content is the king. So you write SEO Friendly Article.

Read this to know: How to write a friendly article

How to write the URL of the post

Keep the URL of the post as short as possible and try to add your keywords to them.

Image Optimization

Optimize the image while uploading it . Keep the size of the image low and apply ALT Tags.

Do internal and external linking

Do internal linking in your article and do external linking wherever necessary. With this, the user gets maximum knowledge and along with User Experience, Ranking also improves. Internal linking also increases the traffic of your other pages. And both these activities also show Quality SEO.

Optimize Heading Tags

Use Heading Tags in a proper way. Use H1 Tag only once in the entire article.

Write proper and optimize Meta Title and Meta Description

Write the Meta Title well and write your Targeted Keywords or Phrase Keywords in it. Also pay attention to the length of the Meta Title.

Optimize Meta Description as well and use keywords as well as pay attention to its length as well.

Meta Title and Meta Description are very important for the ranking of your website and for Quality SEO. It is very important to optimize both of these in a proper way.

If you want to learn On Page SEO in detail from very basic to advanced, then you can learn by reading through the link given below.

These were some important activities that are performed in On -Page SEO.

Off Page SEO

In Off Page SEO, we do not have to work on our website. Within this, we have to create Backlinks on other websites , which increases the ranking of our website as well as the Authority and Website Traffic of the Website.

So let me tell you some Techniques of Off Page SEO by which work is done in Off Page SEO and backlinks are made.

  • Profile Creation
  • Guest Posting
  • Forum Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Web2.0
  • Blog Submission
  • Article Submission
  • PR Submission
  • Documents Submission
  • Image Submission

There are many other ways by which we have to create Backlinks on other sites in Off Page SEO.

Also read: What is Off Page SEO and how to do it

Technical SEO

In Technical SEO , we have to work on the Technical Factors of the website. Due to which the search engine helps in Crawling and Indexing. So let me also tell you the names of some Technical Factors.

Website Loading Speed

Pay attention to the loading speed of the website . And remember that the loading speed of the website should not exceed 3-4 seconds. Try that the loading speed of the website should be less than 3 seconds. This improves the ranking of your website on the Search Engine Result Page. And in today’s time Website Speed ​​has become very important. Which directly affects the ranking of the website.

Sitemap submission

Sitemap is like a map of the website. Where all our website data files are there, there is a roadmap, with the help of this Google’s Crawler easily crawls and indexes the website.

Robots.txt File

By creating a Robots.txt file, we tell the Search Engine that which page of our website is to be crawled and which is not to be crawled.

Canonical Issue या Canonicalization

Canonical Issue is created due to URLs in the website , which is very important to fix.

Fixing Broken Links

Many times Broken Links are created in the website, due to which whenever someone clicks on that link, he gets to see 404 or Page Not Found error. So this also has to be corrected.

There are many other factors of Broken Links.

So these were some factors from which we work on the technical SEO of the website.

Till here you must have understood what is SEOand what is On Page SEO , Off Page SEO and Technical SEO . Now we will see in the form of a short summary that what is SEO and why do it.

Important Terms related to SEO

  • SERP (Search Engine Result Page): The full  form of SERP is Search Engine Result Page . Now if you are wondering what is this Search Engine , then let me tell you, Search Engine is actually a software , in simple language Google is also a search engine. So to understand you can understand Search Engine as Google. Now we understand SERP . Actually whenever you search something in Google, many results come in front of you through the website. So him on the first page of Google It is said And when you look down, you will see 1,2,3,4,5 like this. That’s how Google ‘s Page 1, Page 2 happens. This is called the Result Page of Search Engine . Where Search Engine like Google shows its results .
  • Keywords: Keyword is Search Term . Like you search anything by typing in Google, it is called K eywords . In simple language, whatever you search by typing anything in Google , then whatever you search by typing is K eywords . 
  • Organic: All the free marketing methods are called Organic Marketing . And actually SEO is also a free method. Any kind of Ad in this. There is no Campaign or Paid Promotion  .
  • Inorganic: This is a marketing method that costs money and includes Paid Promotion and Campaign.
  • Ranking Factors: Google has many Factors to rank any website or say there are many Parameters which are called Ranking Factors. Further in this article, we will understand them in a better way.

Now let us see the answers to some such SEO related questions which are mostly asked.

Branding Agency

Opening a branding agency is a successful business as well as an ever-running business. 

To help a company, tell its story, or reflect its unique values ​​and culture, you need to be able to pull together diverse pieces of data and information into compelling stories. 

  • How many rupees every month from this business? Will earn – 2.5 lakh rupees. 1.7 crore to Rs. 
  • Which skills will be needed- Writing and research skills, copywriting, UX designing, multichannel skills. 
  • How much investment will have to be done – Rs 13 lakh. (About)

security guard supply agency (Watchman)

You must have seen security guards deployed in front of every place like mall, jewelry shop where there is a possibility of some kind of risk or some valuable thing is kept. 

And nowadays, apart from politicians, actors like Salman and Shah Rukh Khan also keep security guards for their protection. 

Because in today’s era, the news of theft-robbery, murder is seen and heard on TV and in newspapers.  

That’s why now the demand for security guards is increasing in the market. 

This is such an agency business idea that has very little competition. And the investment also has to be reduced. 

To open a security guard agency, you have to register your company by completing some legal process. For this you can take the help of a CA. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

So let ‘s know the answers to some such questions related to SEO which are mostly asked.

What is Local SEO ?

When you target Local Audience , then for that we have to optimize in a proper way. You must be understanding Local and SEO to some extent from the name itself ,  meaning when we do SEO to target Local Audience then it is Local SEO .


You must have seen that when we search for anything by writing ” Near Me” , Google also shows the map of many places in the search result . In which some places go up and some come down. So showing your Places Shops above in that list is part of Local SEO.

What is the meaning of SEO, what is its use?

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) – Through the SEO Process , we optimize the website with many SEO Factors and work on SEO Activities . This improves the ranking of the website in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP ) .

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization does not mean Digital Marketing . SEO is a way of marketing in a 

digital way . Many things come Digital Marketing,, SEO , SEM , App Marketing , Email Marketing , Social Media Marketing and many more. SEO is a module of Digital Marketing .

Is coding knowledge necessary to learn SEO?

Not! No coding knowledge is required to learn SEO. Even if you do not know Coding at all, you can easily learn SEO .

What is the difference between SEO and Internet marketing? 

Internet Marketing is a marketing method in which Digital Platforms are used. Now there are many Digital Platforms like Social Media , Website , Gmail and many more, so if we do marketing in any way, then it is Internet Marketing but SEO is a part of Internet Marketing . Apart from SEO , there are many other methods of Internet Marketing .

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO is an organic or free method by which to improve the ranking of the website in search results . But SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is Paid and Inorganic method in which Ad by investing money. Run the campaign and show your website above in the search result.

Is SEO always changing?

Yes! SEO is such a field where some or the other update keeps coming from time to time. Which affects the ranking of the website. Sometimes a new technique comes in the market. Or sometimes Google launches its Algorithms , due to which we have to make changes in the way of doing SEO . That is why SEO Person should always be connected with all these updates. And these should be taken care of.

What is the use of SEO?

SEO is an organic method by which the website is optimized and this increases the ranking of the website in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and ranks the website on the first page.

What are the main stages of SEO process?

The main objective of the SEO process is to rank the website on the first page of Google and bring more and more Organic Traffic to your website.

Technical SEO and off-site SEO , both are types of SEO in which website optimization is done by different factors.

How to learn Advance SEO ?

To learn Advance SEO , a platform has been created by DM IN HINDI , through which you can do Advance SEO Course for free and you will also be able to solve your doubts . Contact us through Contact or About Us page to join . By the way, there are many SEO courses available online too , from where you can learn. Or you can learn by joining Digital Marketing Institute.

Conclusion-Agency Business Idea

Now you were not getting  11 Agency Business Ideas to start your own agency business .

You can start your business from today by choosing any of these business ideas. 

By the way, how did you like the information given in this post, do tell us by commenting.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being with us till this point in this article