Playful Raju Srivastava Biography, Birth, Education, Family, Film Career, Achievements, Net Worth, Health in [current_date format=Y]

Raju Srivastava Biography :- We know Raju Srivastava as a very big comedian. He started his career with Laughter Challenge TV show. Raju Srivastava was born on 24 December 1963 in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. He died on 21 September 2022. On 10th August, Raju Srivastava had a blockage problem. He died during treatment going on for 41 days in the hospital. Since … Read more

Soulful Simple Sonali Phogat Biography | Family, Education, Political Career in [current_date format=Y]

Sonali Phogat

Sonali Phogat Biography – We know Sonali Phogat as the National President of BJP Mahila Morcha and an actress. Recently, on 22 August 2022, Sonali Phogat died due to a heart attack in Goa. Sonali had gone to Goa with some of her staff in connection with a meeting. Recently Sonali ran in a general election from Adampur … Read more

Biography of Cyrus Mistry Former Tata Son’s Aggressive Chairman

Cyrus Mystry

If we talk about India’s biggest company, then the name of Tata company comes first in our mind. India’s biggest most reliable and most trusted company is Tata. Let us tell you that Cyrus Mistry , chairman of Tata Company, has passed away. Cyrus Mistry was born on 4 July 1966. He was an Irish entrepreneur who served as the chief chairman of the Tata … Read more

Terrific and Seasoned Lawrence Bishnoi Biography in [current_date format=Y]

Lawrence Bishnoi

Lawrence Bishnoi Biography in Hindi :- Presently Lawrence Bishnoi is known as a popular gangster of Punjab. He is often imprisoned due to his criminal activities, but due to different criminal acts, he is popular across the country. He has gone to jail many times and the case of different types of trial is going on against him. Lawrence … Read more

Talented Pride Alakh Pandey (Physics Wala) Biography in [current_date format=Y]

Alakh Pandey

Education, Family, YouTube Channel, Net Worth, Social Media Links (Alakh Pandey Biography, Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth) (Alakh Pandey Biography in Hindi, wiki, date of birth, family, girlfriend, birth place, cast, religion, film, popularity, award, & more) Physics Wala” Alakh Pandey Biography | PW – Alakh Pandey Biography Alakh Pandey Biography:- Alakh Pandey is the name … Read more

Sonia Gandhi Biography, Early Life, Achievements, Best Quotes in 2022

Sonia Gandhi Biography: Sonia Gandhi Biography, Early Life, Achievements, Quotes will be discussed here. Sonia Gandhi is an Indian politician who is a member of the third generation of the Gandhi- Nehru family. She is the former President of the Indian National Congress and an Italian woman who was married to the late Rajiv Gandhi.  ALSO READ – Download Latest … Read more