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Hello Friends, In This Post You Have Been Given Information About Google Sheets, Such As What Is Google Sheets, And How It Is Used.  

Before Knowing Google Sheet, Let’s Take A Look At MS Office. Be It A Beginner Or A Professional, Everyone Must Use (MS Office) I.E. Microsoft Office While Working On The Computer.

Google Sheets

Microsoft Office Is A Computer Application Package, Which Is Used For Business Or Office Related Tasks Such As Document Preparation, Presentation Making Or Data Management.

You Can Agree That MS Office Is One Of The Main Applications That Almost Every Computer User Needs.

Key PointsDescription
Google Product NameGoogle Sheets
Release Date9 March 2006
Language Support83 Languages
Google Sheets AccountGoogle Account Email ID
PlatformAndroid, Web, Windows, Etc.
Other Services Available In Google SheetsDocs, Slides, Drawings, Forms, Sites, And Google Keep

One Of The Main Programs Of The Microsoft Office Suite Is MS Excel , Which Is Widely Used. It Is A Spreadsheet In Which Various Formulas Are Applied, And Data Sets Are Created, Organized And Managed. 

But If We Talk About A Common Home User Or Business User, Then It Is Not Possible For Everyone To Use The License Version Of MS Excel Or Purchase Its License.

That’s Why Users Often Look For Other Alternatives To MS Excel On The Internet. So Here The Best Alternative To MS Excel Is Google Sheet. Let Us Know, What Is Google Sheet ( What Is Google Sheet ) And Why It Is A Right Alternative To MS Excel. 

What Is Google Sheets. 

Google Sheets Is A Web-Based Spreadsheet Application Of The Google Doc Suite , Which Provides Users With A Platform To Perform Tasks Similar To Microsoft Excel.

Just As Work Is Done On Microsoft Excel, In The Same Way You Can Work On Google Sheet , An Alternative To Microsoft Excel , Such As Preparing Data Sets, Organizing Data, Applying Formulas And Doing Financial Analysis Etc. 

All The Main Features Of Excel Are Available In Google Sheet, And Also Google Sheet Can Be Shared Online Through The Link, And Permissions Can Also Be Set In Google Sheet According To The Usage Of Users. 

That Is, Two People Can Work On A Spreadsheet From Two Different Locations At The Same Time, And Different Permissions Can Also Be Set On The Use Of Google Sheets For Each User.

For Example, Like (Ram) Has Been Given The Permission To Edit Or Delete The Data Stored In The Google Sheet, And Shyam Has Only The Permission To Read The Data. 

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Google Sheet App Permission

Google Sheets

Google Sheets Is A Cloud-Based Free Spreadsheet Application That You Don’t Have To Pay A Dime For And Can Use On Your Desktop, Laptop, And Smartphone. 

How To Use Google Sheet.

You Need Internet On Your Device To Access Google Sheets, And You Can Access It In Three Main Ways.

So Let’s Know Those Ways To Access Google Sheet. 

  • Through The Website. 
  • Via Google Drive. 
  • Via Mobile App.

Access Google Sheet Like This.

Through Website :-

The Easiest Way To Access Google Sheets Is Through The Website.

  • For This, First You Have To Click On Sheets.Google.Com .
  • A Window Will Open, Here You Have To Enter The Login Details Of Your Gmail Account, And Login.
  • Now The Google Sheet Page Will Open In Front Of You, You Can Create Your Own Google Sheet By Using The Various Templates Shown Here, Or You Can Also Create Your Own New Sheet By Clicking On Blank.  
Google Sheets

By Google Drive :-

Another Way To Access The Sheet Is To Access It Via Google Drive.

  • For This, You Have To Open Google Drive By Entering Your Login Details First.
  • After Login, The Page Of Your Google Drive Will Open In Front Of You, Here You Will See The New Tab On Your Left Side, Click On It. 
  • Now Go To The Google Sheet Option And Choose Blank Spreadsheet Or Template. 

Google Sheet is completely part of Google’s Google Docs Editors suite which is completely free .

We also call Google Sheets by another name and it is also called Google Spreadsheet .

Google Sheets is a web-based application that enables users to create, update and edit spreadsheets and share data online in real time.

And this is such a Web-Based Spreadsheet Program, in which we can create and work on Sheets just like MS Excel.

You can do the following in Google Sheets: Google Sheets

  • Adding, Deleting, and Sorting Rows and Columns
  • Table Creation
  • Chart Preparation
  • Report Preparation
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Data Analysis
  • Pivot Table
  • Data Validation
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Like many other Spreadsheet Data can easily create Google Sheets.

But a special thing about Google Sheet is that more than one user can work on the same spreadsheet at the same time in Google Sheet, and apart from this, with the help of messaging during the meeting, you can communicate with your friends or employees. Can also chat. 

Users can also work with Google Sheet directly from their computer or mobile. 

Google Sheets saves every change automatically, and users can see changes made by other users.

One more thing, Google Sheets is considered a free alternative to Microsoft Excel. Because all the features of Google Sheets are exactly the same as MS Excel.

And in addition some advanced features are also available for marketers and normal users.

And the most important thing in this is that apart from single users, multi-users can also use this Spreadsheet Program together. You can also easily share Google Sheets with other users and work collectively in groups.

The work you do in Google Sheets and all your spreadsheets are saved on the cloud, and the best thing about it is that if you are anywhere, anytime, and at any place It can be easily accessed through internet device.

History of Google Sheet

Let me now tell you all about the history of Google Sheets.

We all must know that the owner of Google Sheets is Google.

But, this Spreadsheet Program has not been created by Google. It was made by 2Web Technologies . The one who created a web-based spreadsheet application was developed (Web-Based Spreadsheet Application), and its name was XL2Web .

Google bought this company in 2006 and thus XL2Web App became the owner of Google.

And after that Google developed this program on its own and named it Google Spreadsheet .

In 2012, Google renamed the Google Spreadsheet Program to Google Sheets .

Today it remains the biggest competitor of Google Sheets, MS Excel. Which is providing its services worldwide for free through Internet Service and Google Sheet works in more than 80 languages .

Benefit of Google Sheets

The best thing about it is that Google Sheet is a free spreadsheet program .

Apart from this, its other benefits and advantages are mentioned below:

  • Add-on Facility
  • Available Free – Available Free
  • Cloud-Based
  • Easy to use – Easy to Use
  • Excel Friendly
  • Large Collection of Templates
  • Multi-Device Support – Multi-Device Support
  • Multi-Users Support – Multi-Users Support
  • Offline Work Possible – Offline Work Possible
  • Various File Type Support – Various File type Support

Let me now tell you all about all the points one by one. What is this and what is their function. By the way, you must have gone to the society only after reading the Heading, but once again we understand in details.

Add-on Facility:

  • Do you know that Add-Ons work to provide more powerful and additional features to Google Sheets.
  • Add-ons which is a small file. Which provides a special additional features / capability to a program (Providing Special Additional Features / Capabilities).
  • There are hundreds of add-ons available in Google’s Chrome Store. Which you can use from document editing to formatting it.

Available Free

  • Google Sheets is a 100% free spreadsheet program.
  • Its facility makes it a competitor to other spreadsheet programs. And Microsoft is the biggest competitor of Excel.
  • You can use the Google Sheets Program which is free to connect on any device through the Internet. For this you do not have to pay any kind of fee. You just have to create a Google Account (Create Google Account).

Cloud-Based Program

  • Every spreadsheet created through Google Sheets remains available on the cloud. And even a single letter typed through you gets autosaved.
  • This means that all your data is safe. And backup has been done through Google’s Cloud Storage Service. Which you can access anytime through Google Drive.
  • The most important thing in this is that 15 GB of free cloud storage is given to the personal user. The user can increase this storage whenever he wants by paying a small fee online.
  • By having data saved on the cloud, you get freedom from taking backup of it in the local machine. Security is the responsibility of Google. You just now you can do your work comfortably without tension.

Easy to Use

  • Google Sheets is easier to use than MS Excel. You can learn the basic knowledge of Google Sheets in no time.
  • After learning basic knowledge, by taking advanced training of Google Sheets, by becoming its expert, you can handle your work for hours in super speed in minutes.

Excel Friendly

  • Each sheet of Excel can also be accessed in Google’s spreadsheet program. Because the file extension of Excel is supported.
  • But all of you have to take care of one thing, that is the formatting done in Excel Sheet. There can be no change in that. If you want, you can edit and update in Google Sheets by importing the entire sheets.

Large Collection of Templates

  • By the way, Google Sheets has been developed (Visually Developed) with a view to do fast work. To maintain this speed, ready-made templates are made available to the users.
  • With the help of these built-in templates, users can start work by choosing the formatting of the work according to their work. They do not need to spend time in formatting and other customizations.
  • By going to the Chrome Store, you can also find hundreds of different categories (Templates) by yourself, and many services are available online as well. From where you can download Google Sheets Templates yourself for free.

Multi-Device Support

  • Like other Spreadsheets, if you are thinking that Google Sheets is not limited to just one specific machine. You can access it on any device through any Internet connection.
  • If this is seen, then there is no need for you to install Google Sheets in your device. If you want, it is possible to use it without installing it. This power is only and only of cloud computing. (This is the Power of Cloud Computing).
  • If you want, you can access it in just one click through Chrome browser on your computer. And it is also possible to access it through any internet browser in your laptop.
  • And if you have small devices like smartphones or tablets, it is possible to run it without any hindrance. And the work which you have left incomplete in the mobile phone or in the laptop, from there you can start further in the computer.

Multi-Users Support

In Google Sheets, users can work on the same sheet simultaneously without sharing documents online.

Offline Work Possible

  • By the way, Google Sheets is known for working online.
  • Now not everyone is online all the time, that’s why Google Sheets has been enabled to work offline as well.
  • Google has also developed Mobile App and Chrome Extension. With the help of which you can easily do offline work on Google Sheets.
  • Now the same question must be coming in your mind that how to use Google Sheets offline now? You must be getting worried thinking this, so don’t think too much, I will answer it below.

Various File Type Support

Google Sheets also supports a variety of file types. (Various File Type Support)

That is why you can work with many types of files. These include the following names (Include the Following Name).

  • .xls
  • .xlsx
  • .xlsm
  • .xlt
  • .xltx
  • .ods
  • .csv
  • .tsv
  • .txt
  • .tab

Create Google Sheet through Mobile App

By The Way, You Can Also Create Google Sheets In Mobile Through The Application Of Google Drive, But If You Want, You Can Also Download Google Sheets And Easily Create Google Sheet In Mobile. Follow The Process Given Below To Create A Sheet Through Google Sheets App.

  • First Open The Play Store And Search By Typing Google Sheets In The Search Bar.
  • You Will See This Application On The First Number Itself, You Can Easily Download It And Install It On Your Mobile.
  • After Installing Google Sheet, Sign In To It With Your Gmail ID.
  • After This, You Can Use Google Sheet Very Easily In Your Smartphone.

How to Use Google Sheets Offline

  1. First of all, you go to the Home Screen of Google Sheets on your computer or laptop.
  2. And after that now you go to the top left side and click on the Main Menu.
  3. And then click on Settings from the Main Menu.
  4. And after that you turn on “Offline” access from Settings.
  5. And after that you open Google Sheets in Chrome browser and you can start working offline.

Note: And you should always keep in mind the most important thing and that is, before following the steps mentioned above, you should have “ Google Docs Offline Chrome Extension ” in Chrome browser onMust be installed and complete the entire process onlyin the General Tab (not in the private tab ) of Chrome Browser .

Through Mobile App :-

You Can Also Easily Use Google Sheets On Your Smartphone, Be It Android, IOS, Or Windows Phone.

  • You Have To Go To The Play Store Of Android Phone, And Type Google Sheet In The Search Box There.
  • After This, You Have To Download And Install The Google Sheets App, And Use It.
  • Similarly, For IOS Devices, Go To Apps.Apple.Com And Download Google Sheets. 

How to Use Google Sheets Offline

  1. First of all, you go to the Home Screen of Google Sheets on your computer or laptop.
  2. And after that now you go to the top left side and click on the Main Menu.
  3. And then click on Settings from the Main Menu.
  4. And after that you turn on “Offline” access from Settings.
  5. And after that you open Google Sheets in Chrome browser and you can start working offline.

Note: And you should always keep in mind the most important thing and that is, before following the steps mentioned above, you should have “ Google Docs Offline Chrome Extension ” in Chrome browser onMust be installed and complete the entire process onlyin the General Tab (not in the private tab ) of Chrome Browser .

Benefits Of Google Sheets. Advantage Of Google Sheet

As We Told That Google Sheet Is A Cloud Based Free Spreadsheet, So This Is Its Biggest Advantage, Because The Way The User Has To Pay A Huge Amount For Microsoft Office, Which Is Possible For A Corporate User, But For Someone It Turns Out To Be A Bit Expensive Deal For Personal Use. 

Google Sheets

Along With This, There Are Many Other Advantages Of Google Sheet, Let’s Know Them Too.

  • Multiple Users Can Work On A Spreadsheet In Real Time. 
  • Spreadsheets Can Be Transferred To Others By Link. 
  • There Is No Hassle Of Computer Crash In This, Because All The Work Is Cloud Based, And The Work Being Prepared Is Also Stored On Google Servers In Real-Time. 
  • This Portal Or Interface Is User Friendly, That Is, Even A Beginner Can Use It Easily. 
  • Being Cloud Based, There Is No Need To Update It, Rather It Gets Updated Automatically When Google Updates Come. 
  • It Does Not Require Any Kind Of Software Installation As It Is Cloud Based. 
  • It Is Absolutely Free For All. It Does Not Require Any Kind Of Subscription. 
  • It Supports Multiple Spreadsheet Formats (.Xlsx, .Xls, .Xlsm, .Xlt, .Xltx, .Ods, .Csv, .Txt, .Tsv, .Tab Etc.). 

History of Google Sheets

By The Way, The Owner Of Google Sheet Is Google. But Very Few People Know That Google Sheet Was Not Created By Google. Google Sheet Was Created By 2 Web Technology. Who Developed A Web Based Spreadsheet Program And It Was Named Excel 2 Web. But In 2006 Google Bought This Company.

Google Sheets

After This, Google Developed This Spreadsheet According To Its Own And Named It Google Spreadsheet. Google Launched Google Spreadsheet To The General Public In March 2006. In The Year 2012, Google Changed The Name Of The Spreadsheet To Google Sheet, And Since Then This Program Is Known As Google Sheets.

Today, This Program Is Providing Its Free Service To People All Over The World Through The Internet.

Features of Google Sheets

There Are Many Great Features Of Google Sheet Which Make Your Work Easier. Here We Have Told You About Some Of The Major Features Of Google Sheets.

1 – (Available for free) Free Available  

Google Sheet Is A Free Program That Can Be Used By The User Absolutely Free Of Cost. You Do Not Have To Pay Any Money To Use Google Sheets. However, For More Than 15 GB Of Storage, You Have To Pay Something.

2 – (Cloud Based Program) Cloud Based Program  

Google Sheets Is A Cloud Based Spreadsheet In Which Every Single Word You Type Gets Autosaved. All Your Data Is Stored By Google Cloud Storage .

3 – (Multi Device Support) Multi Device Support

You Can Use Google Sheets On Almost All Internet Devices. You Can Use Google Sheets In All Devices Like Android Smartphone, Computer, Tablet Etc.

4 – (Multi User Support) Multi User Support

You Can Create A Google Sheet And Share It With Many People, So That Many Users Can Work On The Same Sheet In A Group.

5 – (Offline Work) Offline Work 

You Can Use Google Sheets Online As Well As Offline.

6 – (Easy to use) Easy to Use

Google Sheet Is Very Easy To Use, If You Have Basic Knowledge Of Microsoft Excel Then You Can Easily Use Google Sheet.

7 – Multiple SpreadSheets Format Support

Google Sheets Supports A Variety Of Spreadsheet Formats Such As .Xlsx, .Xls, .Xlsm, .Xlt, .Xltx, .Ods, .Csv, .Txt Etc.

How to make Google Sheets

You Can Create Google Data Sheets Online From Any Internet Device. Here We Are Telling You Three Ways By Which You Can Create Google Sheet Very Easily.

Through All These Three Methods, You Can Easily Access Google Sheet On Your Mobile And Computer.

  • Google Sheets (Google Sheets)
  • Google Drive (Google Drive)
  • Google Sheets Mobile App (Google Sheets Mobile App)

How to Add Numbers in Google Sheets

You Can Easily Do The Work Of Adding Numbers With Function . This Is Why People Use Google Sheets.

You Can Add Numbers To Google Sheets In Two Ways.

add a number to a single cell

  • First Go To Google Sheets.
  •  Click On The Cell Where You Want To Place A Number.
  •  Type In The Number And Press “Enter”.

add numbers using functions

  • To Add Numbers, First Open Google Sheets.
  • Click On The “Function” Button In The Horizontal Toolbar At The Top Of The Screen.
  • Select The Function You Want To Use (Eg AVERAGE).
  • Highlight The Cells Containing The Numbers You Want To Apply The Function To.
  • Finally Press “Enter”.

Which function can add numbers to Google Sheets?

You Can Add Numbers Using The Function Option Of The Horizontal Toolbar At The Top Of The Screen In Google Sheets .

How to download Google Sheets

Downloading A Google Sheet Is Very Easy, But Many People Face The Problem That They Create A Google Sheet But Cannot Download It To Their Computer. Follow The Process Given Below To Download Google Sheet.

  • First Of All, Open Google Drive On Your Computer Or Mobile.
  • Right Click On The Sheets You Want To Download And Click On The 3 Dots Next To The Sheets In Mobile.
  • Here You Will Get The Download Option, By Clicking On Which You Can Easily Download Google Sheet To Your Computer Or Mobile.

how to share google sheets

You Can Also Share Google Sheets With Other People, And Invite Them To Edit Sheets As Well. The Process Of Sharing A Google Sheet Is As Follows.

  • First Open The Sheets You Want To Share.
  • In The Top Corner, You Will See The Share Option, Click On It.
  • Enter The Gmail IDs Of The People You Want To Share Sheets With.
  • After Entering The Gmail ID, You Define Their Roll. You Can Keep Them Editor, Viewer Or Commenter. Editor Can Edit The Sheet, Viewer Can Only View The Sheet And Commenter Can Comment.
  • Finally Click On The Send Button. In This Way You Can Share Google Sheet With Anyone.

How to learn Google Sheets

If You Know How To Use Excel In Computer, Then You Can Easily Use Google Sheets, But If You Do Not Know How To Use Excel, Then Using Google Sheets Can Be A Bit Difficult For You. In This Situation You Have To Learn Google Sheet. You Can Learn To Use Google Sheets From Some Of The Platforms Mentioned Below.

1 – Google Help Center

Through Google Help Center , You Can Learn To Use Google Sheet Very Easily. Here You Have Been Told In The Form Of Article Tutorial That How You Have To Use Google Sheet. Apart From This, You Can Also Ask Your Questions In The Community. With The Help Of Google Help Center, You Will Not Face Any Problem In Using Google Sheets.

2 – Learn Google Sheets by reading blogs

Internet Is A Storehouse Of Knowledge, Here You Will Get Complete Information About Everything. Many Websites Teach How To Use Google Sheets. In These Websites, You Will Get The Complete Information Of Google Sheet In The Form Of An Article. We Have Told You Below About Some Websites Which Have Tutorials Of Google Sheets.

3 – Watching YouTube videos

You Can Also Learn To Use Google Sheets By Watching Tutorial Videos Of Google Sheets On YouTube. By Doing A Little Search On YouTube, You Will Get To See Many Video Tutorials, From Which You Can Learn To Use Step Wise Google Sheet.

4 – Learn MS Office

You Can Learn MS Office In Offline Computer Center, In MS Office Training You Are Taught To Use All Microsoft Products, Including Excel. If You Learn To Use Excel, Then You Can Easily Learn Google Sheets As Well.


So Friends, You Know What Is Google Sheet, How It Is Used, And How It Is A Better Alternative To MS Excel. We Hope The Given Information Will Be Of Use To You. 

In this article, I have given you complete information about Google Sheets. And you also know what is Google Sheets ? And how to use Google Sheets? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Sheets.

Google Sheets

Along with this, you have also come to know that what is the difference between Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, and how can you learn Google Sheets?

I sincerely hope that this article will prove to be very useful for you. And will increase your understanding about Google Sheets even more. Do share this article with your friends.